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The Master of Café — Graciano Cruzs

The German philosopher Hegel once said,
If there is no passion,
No great cause in the world will succeed.
Passionate, reflecting a person’s political consciousness,
Reflect a person's state of mind,
It is the most dynamic factor in the career.
Chose a profession,
I chose a way of life.


No matter how far you find a good coffee, you have to go

Although the photos of coffee producing areas are very beautiful and fun, it takes more than 8 hours to find the best cup. After cupping hundreds of cups of coffee, it’s just to select the unique and best batch, good coffee. It must not be much. It must be hand-picked and only the most appropriate ripe fruit is picked. This is often only a few bags of single digits. There are many coffee madmen in the world. However, it is really like Saza team to find the best geisha in the world A unique team, they are always very kind and can give me a little bit, because they know that I am also a geisha madman, in order to have the best coffee in the world, no matter how far and hard the road is, I have to go


Heiwo Manor walk

Walking in Heiwo Manor, here you can overlook the Pacific Ocean. On the right is the Baru Volcano, on the left are Elida and Kotowa, and on the right is the emerald. The place where we are currently standing is 1908 meters above sea level, and our highest is more than 2000 meters. It is one of the highest manor houses, and the scenery is too beautiful.


Amazing coffee tour in Panama

This time I came to Panama. Sophia is one of the most amazing coffees I have ever drunk. I think she is not the first or the second in this BOP. This time, the Equator Coffee contestant Talya strader used this one at the 2017 American SCAA Barista competition. Rushing to the final and winning third place, Sophia's coffee is rich in layers, elegant and cold, like Chambertin and plum blossoms. It is elegant, not gorgeous. After tasting Sophia, I become more elegant, as if looking at me. The picture of the favorite idol Audrey Hepburn authenticating this cup of coffee. Because of the high altitude and steepness, Sophia's output is very small. Workers have to tie ropes to harvest, and the output is only more than 1,000 kilograms. So, again A limited amount of coffee, William Boot in order to give coffee fans in Taiwan a priority to taste...


Meet the best raw bean auctions in Panama

Speaking of the best coffee beans in the world, you must know Best of Panama (BOP).


Artist owner, I call him Gaodi

Coming to Costa Rica is very rewarding, in fact, not only to play, but also to share some coffee knowledge that you can’t read in books so that coffee lovers can learn more and prove that I am playing very seriously, haha!

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