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Meet the best raw bean auctions in Panama

Published date : 2017-04-02

Speaking of the best coffee beans in the world, you must know Best of Panama (BOP).

BOP is the highest hall of coffee competitions, the coffee king who continues to create sky-high prices every year, and Jurutungo Firestone Manor is definitely one of the best. In the 2016 BOP competition, there are five categories, and Firestone Manor has included three items, especially he The mango juice densely processed coffee beans won the championship in the creative group. The bidding price of raw beans alone reached an astonishing US$164.25/lb! In addition, in the washed geisha group, and the sun-dried geisha group, Firestone Manor won the runner-up award, and the results are quite impressive. It is the most watched boutique coffee manor in 2016.

Jurutungo's original meaning is far away and unattainable, and bluntly it means far away. It is located in the westernmost part of Panama near the border of Costa Rica, a place called "Piedra Candela" (Piedra Candela). , Established by Gallardo in the 1970s; by 2000, Mr. Gallardo was old and unable to manage the manor, and the farmland was abandoned for ten years. In 2011, at the moment when the manor was about to fall, a legend in the coffee industry Graciano Cruz appeared and led HiU Coffee to buy the manor, reorganize the farm, re-ignite the flint, and the flint manor was reborn like a phoenix on fire.

Graciano Cruz is a world-recognized master of honey processing and solarization. In recent years, it has been a leader in coffee flavors, allowing existing coffee flavors to escape the traditional flavor framework and turn into a cup of juicy and sweet fruit desserts like magic ; Graciano Cruz only picks red to ripe coffee berries, and then uses a sweetness meter to test each batch of coffee berries to ensure the sweetness. All the coffee is placed on a high shelf bed in Africa and dried in the sun. The drying time is as long as 3 or 4 For a week, the fully dried coffee cherries are stored for 90 to 120 days to allow the sugars to ferment appropriately to develop a complex and strong personality. This is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is the highest standard in the industry to handle the coffee production process. Such as the flavor performance of Qiongjiangyuye.
Manor: Flint Manor (JURUTUNGO)
Country: Panama
Region: Volcan Baru near the volcano
Variety: Tibica/Geisha
Altitude: 1800-2050
Soil: Red soil, volcanic soil
Post-processing plant (company): HIU
Planner: Graciano Cruz

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