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HWC Coffee Online Cup Performance Guarantee Instructions

This voucher is issued by HWC Roasters Food & Beverage CO., LTD.B. provided by [Taishin International Bank], guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of sale. If the escrow contract exceeds the guarantee period, our joint company will be responsible for the escrow.

If you have any questions, please call the hotline: 04-22624040

The value of the gift voucher has been fully provided by Taishin Bank in the transfer contract. Guaranteed expiry date on sale, valid period, content stated on the gift voucher.

The value of the gift voucher has been transferred to the trust account opened at Taishin bank, for private use, the entrustment term of the Republic of China is from...month...(date of sale) to date ...month...year... (end) (at least 1 year)

The value on the gift voucher has been kept by a financial institution or an electronic payment institution, and will be deposited into the money holding account of the financial institution, or a savings account set up by the financial institution. Open electronic payments at financial institutions. The storage period is from the Republic of China date...month...year...(export) to date...month...year...(end) (at least 1 year).

The gift voucher has guaranteed links with companies in the same industry, peer-to-peer according to the company's terms of association. This voucher may require the affiliated companies to provide services or goods of equal value to the value on the voucher. The above companies may not have any other opinion or to the contrary, nor claim any costs and compensation. Republic of China link guarantee period from May (sale) to May (end) (at least 1 year).

 The escrow guarantee mechanism has been approved by the competent authority. On the gift voucher, it is necessary to write the content of the escrow guarantee mechanism and the license number of the competent authority).

Basic criteria for market share and real capital of companies in the same industry, peer-to-peer mentioned in paragraph (4) will be determined by the competent authority.

The issuer changes the escrow guarantee mechanism in paragraph (1), the guarantee period must be continued without interruption and must be notified before the effective date of the change of guarantee mechanism. indenture.

3..If the gift voucher is damaged or deformed but the important content (including the main and secondary parts) is still identifiable, you can request delivery (service) or request a replacement.

Registered gift voucher, in case of accidental loss, theft or destruction, you can apply for a new one.

As above, when re-doing or re-issuing the gift voucher, the issuer needs to collect a fee. The paper voucher can not exceed NT$50 each time. Magnetic cards, chip cards each collect no more than NT$100.

4. Gift vouchers need to record the consumer's wishes, return the voucher and refund.

The consumer pays the coupon, the business will collect a procedure fee, this fee will not exceed 3% of the amount returned.

If the gift voucher is returned for a reason that does not belong to the consumer, the business will not charge a fee for the procedure.

5. the issuer takes a third party as the actual supplier of the product (service). The actual capital received by the issuer or the capital used for the business in the Republic of China is not less than NT$30 million. However, the competent authority may notify the adjustment of the limit.

If the quota has not been reached, the competent authority is allowed to write the date, code and expiry date on the gift voucher.

The escrow guarantee is provided by the issuer, based on paragraph (1)(2) of article 1.

6. Gift voucher is issued in the form of magnetic card, chip card, so it is difficult to display the record item, the issuer must be recorded, the escrow guarantee mechanism and consumer appeal (customer service) ).The issuer must clearly state the amount recorded, and provide a way to check the transaction at any time.

Taishin Bank Performance Guarantee Inquiry https://payplus.taishin.com/merchant/guaranteeno
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