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Refund Policy

In accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection law, please read the return and exchange information below:

1/ based on paragraph 2 of article 19 of the consumer protection law and the regulation that applies exceptions to the right to cancel transactions published by the administrative institute of the Republic of China. For the following products, the general merchandise we do not offer applies the 7-day period of the Consumer Protection Act.

Goods are perishable, have a short shelf life or are about to expire. Due to perishability, the shelf life is less than 7 days, or longer than 7 days but the contract is about to end, not suitable for return and shipment.

The products of coffee beans, coffee filter bags are specially made according to your requirements. Because you have enough information and time to decide whether to trade or not.

For reasons of food safety and hygiene, the 7-day period does not apply to used products, or loss of moisture leading to deterioration during transportation.

2, after receiving the goods, you must promptly confirm the order placed, if there is damage, scratches not caused by the person or the packaging is damaged during transportation

Please take a photo and notify our company's customer service staff soon, we will proceed to determine the product's fault and replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

3. If you need to process a return or exchange, please email or call and provide the information below

Order number

name/contact number, email

Reason for return (optional)

4. When you want to return and exchange, according to the provisions of civil law, you are responsible for refunding and restoring the original transaction.

Please keep the product in its original condition, make sure nothing is missing such as the product, the bag, the gift, the order details, the invoice and the packaging. This will make the return processing faster.

Returned goods must be in good condition and like new, if damaged, altered, scratched, dirty or due to improper disassembly and other agents. Or when goods, bags, line items, invoices are lost and cannot be fully refunded, or after the return period, no return will be accepted.

5. When completing the order, please complete the payment within 7 days, otherwise the order will be cancelled. Thanks for your cooperation.

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