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Q: How to process returns?

A: Coffee beans, filter bags, freshly roasted products with expiry date. Except for products that are not according to the order and seriously damaged, we do not accept exchanges. If you encounter the above situation, please take a photo and notify customer service, we will quickly identify the product's fault and replace the product as soon as possible for you.

Q: What information do I need to provide?

A: provide [order number, name, contact number, reason for return] for the convenience of the following tasks.

Q: How do I return a package?

A: Please make sure nothing is missing such as product, bag, order details, invoice and even product packaging. This will make the exchange and refund faster.

.{shipping fee, shipping}

Q: How is the shipping fee calculated?

A: Free shipping in Taiwan for orders over NT$1000 (excluding coupons and bonus discounts). For orders under NT$1000, an additional NT$120 shipping fee will be charged.

Free overseas shipping for orders over NT$3000 (excluding coupons and bonus discounts). If the order is less than NT$3000, a shipping fee of NT$150 will be charged

7-11 Family Superstore offers free shipping on orders from NT$1000 (excluding coupons and bonus discounts). Orders under 1000 yuan will incur an additional shipping fee of NT$70.

Q: How to ship the goods?

A: All goods are delivered to your door with “kerry TJ Logistics Company Limited” service.

Q: When will the goods be sent?

A: Delivery will be made in 3 business days, upon receipt of notice or completion of reconciliation (excluding weekends, holidays, rain). If payment is not received within 3 days, the vehicle system automatically cancels the order to protect the interests of both parties. If the order quantity is large and there is a promotion, the delivery date will be changed. 3-5 day ladder

Q: Why hasn't my item arrived yet?

A: For home delivery, please leave a contact phone number and confirm that there is someone at the delivery address or support to receive the goods. The delivery staff only provide delivery service, if you have any questions about the goods received, please contact customer service, the delivery staff cannot handle the return or exchange. .


Q: How is the payment? What payment methods are there?

A: Cash on delivery, online credit or ATM bank transfer can be used


Q: Has the product passed the test?

A: All products have passed the SGS food inspection certificate and HALAL product quality certification, the whole grain packaging process is produced and processed in a sterile clean room granted by ISO 22000/HACCP

Q: expiry date of coffee

A: 6 months shelf life, best taste in the first month.

Q: Expiry date of filter bag coffee

A: 100% nitrogen, 18 months shelf life, expiry date is printed on the package


Q: how to store coffee beans and filter bags

A: Please pack it up completely, put it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Q: I want to make espresso using a coffee machine, is there any kind of coffee to recommend?

A: "Roaster No. 9" coffee has a strong sweet taste, when using other coffee making equipment such as manual brewing, you should adjust the ratio of coffee powder and water to suit your taste. You can do the same thing, thanks

Q: If I want to make coffee by hand, is there any recommended ratio of coffee powder and water?

A: you can distinguish coffee by roast, recommend medium/dark roast 88-89℃; medium light/light 91-93℃. 1:16 water powder ratio as an example, can be adjusted according to your taste and preference

{membership policy}

Q: How do I become a member?

A: just register and verify to become a member of the website, and enjoy the benefits of membership

Q: Do members of the website have any incentives?

A: send discount code and preferential information when the promotion activity is held.

Q: at the store buy 2 get 1 free, can I get 1 pack in advance, can I leave the rest at the store?

A: All stores can send coffee beans, except for promotional beans, they do not accept delivery, so ask the store staff.

Q: Are the offers on the website and in the store the same?

A: Every store offer is different, you should ask the store

Q: buy coffee beans at the store, buy 2 get 1 free, is it a normal offer/

A: Each store will provide a normal buy 2 get 1 free offer, (beads can be sent), in addition, will the store's launch from time to time? Please ask to confirm with the store staff.

{enterprise order}

Q: If you want [gifts, custom-made, household production (OEM/ODM), bulk purchase] and related services, how to contact?

A: Please click [communication] >> [business plan], leave your information and a professional person will contact you

{accession information}

Q: I really like your product, can we join?

A: Go to [contact us] >>[link area], leave your information, someone professional will contact you. You can also go to [affiliate area] to register for an affiliate meeting to get to know us.






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