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No matter how far you find a good coffee, you have to go

Published date : 2019-10-25

Although the photos of coffee producing areas are very beautiful and fun, it takes more than 8 hours to find the best cup. After cupping 

Although the photos in the coffee region are very beautiful and very fun, in order to find the best one, it usually takes more than 8 hours on road trip. Just to find the best coffee after cupping of a few hundred cups of coffee. It needs not to be a lot, hand picking coffee too only picks the most mature cherry, which is often only a few bags of them. There are many coffee mad people around the world, but like the Saza team, in order to find the best geisha in the world, it is really a unique team, they are always very kind and are willing to share with me, because they know that I am also a geisha madman, in order to have the best coffee in the world, although it is a long way, I still have to go.
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