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Amazing coffee tour in Panama

Published date : 2017-11-12

This time I came to Panama, Sophia is one of the most amazing coffees I have ever drunk. I think she is not the first or the second in this BOP. This time, the Equator Coffee contestant Talya strader used this one at the 2017 American SCAA Barista competition. Rushing to the finals and winning third place, Sophia's coffee is rich in layers, elegant and cold, like Chambertin and plum blossoms. It is elegant, not gorgeous. After tasting Sophia, I also become elegant, as if looking at me. The picture of the favorite idol Audrey Hepburn authenticating this cup of coffee. Because of the high altitude and steepness, Sophia's output is very small. Workers have to tie ropes to harvest, and the output is only more than 1,000 kilograms. So, again Limited and limited amount of coffee, William Boot in order to give coffee fans in Taiwan a priority to taste

5/9William Bot will be here in the dark. At the same time, he will bring his own roasted coffee and demonstrate the roasted beans on the spot, and share his coffee world with you. Friends who are interested, please also send a private message!
The following is a brief introduction to Sophia's estate
Finca Sophia is a coffee farm owned by Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell, as well as Willem Boot from Boot Coffees, and former coffee director David Pohl.

This manor is located on the Panama Plateau, at an altitude of 2,100 meters. It may be the highest coffee farm in Central America. Finca Sophia was founded in 2008. The coffee beans are paired in Ethiopian Gesha. This legendary coffee variety and extremely high altitude, the purpose It is to cultivate a unique variety of Geisha coffee. After years of planning and preparation, the beans harvested for the first time by Finca Sophia were fortunate to be awarded the champion of the "Good Food Award" in 2016.

Finca Sophia is an experimental farm, because coffee in Central America rarely grows above 2100 meters. But Willem chose this extremely high altitude farm to challenge traditional wisdom and create a unique and rare coffee flavor.

Hundreds of shade trees and thousands of coffee trees have been planted in Finca Sophia, creating a buffer zone between Parque Amistad Internacional and most of the surrounding forest-free agricultural areas. At present, only half of the 20 hectares of land is planted with coffee, while part of the remaining land is still being planted, and part of it is classified as a forest conservation area.

Finca Sophia is led by its manager Kelly Hartmann. Kelly Hartmann is the son of the owner of the Hartmann estate and Willem's family friend. He is the second generation of coffee farmers who pioneered coffee cultivation in this region of Panama in the 1920s. The six workers and their families, all from Panama’s Ngobe Bugle indigenous pickers, worked on the farm with Kelly. They brought their culture and traditions to the farm, and then established the existing Finca Sophia.
After writing so much, I still have to drink it myself to experience it!
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