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The Master of Café — Graciano Cruzs

Published date : 2020-05-01

The German philosopher Hegel once said,
If there is no passion,
No great cause in the world will succeed.
Passionate, reflecting a person’s political consciousness,
Reflect a person's state of mind,
It is the most dynamic factor in the career.
Chose a profession,
I chose a way of life.
I am a typical coffee and wine lover. As long as I am a good person and good thing, God will arrange to come to me and fascinate me. Graciano cruzs is the most special, dramatic and charming person I have ever met. The coffee farmer, who looks like a cynical prodigal, has a bold and uninhibited character in his blood. He drives the car like Dominic, the rider of the film's fate express, but he is persistent and dedicated when he starts to work. Although his usual attitude is passionate and romantic, when he talks about the coffee profession, he will exude sharp eyes, as if a howling eagle is proclaiming the world, he is the first in the coffee industry to discover secret processing and the most powerful contemporary A master of honey processing, he has in-depth research on the post-processing of coffee, and is an expert among experts. As long as you are a coffee lover, you must know this legend.

Graciano’s father is also a coffee farmer. After discovering the secrets of the coffee processing method a few years ago, he began to invest in the coffee industry. In addition to natural methods of planting, choose the most suitable soil, use gifts from nature as fertilizer, and do not add pesticides. In the flat bamboo manor, many flat bamboos are planted, and the leaves of flat bamboo are small. When fallen leaves fall into the soil, it is easy to corrode. This is the most nutritious fertilizer for coffee. The distance between the coffee trees is also very large, so that the essence of the bad soil can be fully absorbed. There are many animals and birds in the park, which can nourish the fertile soil. Because of the low rainfall in this area, the aroma is strong and the acidity is strong. Graciano's post-production technology is very good, so the coffee is very clean, and it often exudes the taste of tropical pineapple, which is very similar to his personality, warm but warm. Introverted and temperamental, with the style of the king, although I like Burgundy, but it is like the old Bordeaux wine, Powerful, complex, sometimes floral, sometimes fruity, with thickness, but the acidity is so good. The after-rhyme surrounds, although there are very complicated layers, it is very clean, unlike many over-fermented coffees, which are full of brewed flavor.The feeling that he makes you drink is not only natural, but also natural. He advocates the natural dynamic method, observes the temperature of the sun and the sunset, and does different treatments. The point is that he likes HWC very much and needs to help HWC select the best special gardens. From a certain angle of their coffee garden, a certain coffee field has grown the best batches. He believes that HWC will introduce his coffee as seriously as he treats his coffee business, because, HWC is also composed of a group of crazy and persistent coffee people. They have the same passion for the coffee business and hope to bring the best coffee to everyone. Although we are not the most diverse, it is definitely the best. We would rather spend more than twice the price. Price, buy the best coffee in the same estate, the location of the best block, instead of just hanging out the reputation of the coffee garden, selling ordinary coffee, you can pick the best batch of the world famous coffee shop in my Heiwo HWC Second, this is our Heiwo HWC insistence is different. Different and Better. is our goal. We look forward to Graciano’s coffee coming to Taiwan as soon as possible, so that coffee fans can see him.
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