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Artist owner, I call him Gaodi

Published date : 2015-03-08

Coming to Costa Rica is very rewarding, in fact, not only to play, but also to share some coffee knowledge that you can’t read in books so that coffee lovers can learn more and prove that I am playing very seriously, haha!

The following introduces the owner of the artist, I call him Gaodi. He is a creator and a scientist, and he has a very serious artist temperament. When you reach the gate, you can see that he uses very special materials to make very artistic varieties. Standing up, I found him building a cozy hut like a paradise at the door of his house. When I walked into the lobby, there were photos of many celebrities drinking coffee on the wall, including my beloved Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. Chaplin... He introduced the coffee utensils he collected enthusiastically, and he also made a honey container made of coffee trees. He has been very excited to introduce him. At this time, he felt his enthusiasm for coffee, and it was almost here. To the point of getting caught up in it.

The Highland has spent many years collecting the world’s most special coffee varieties and planting more than 500 coffee trees, including the world’s longest bourbon variety and a very special Purpu variety. The leaves are purple! In addition, there are 21 varieties of Liberica (known as the most in the world). There are super mini coffee trees (Nana varieties). You have to kneel down when picking plants. There are also coffee trees with branches that grow straight up and straight (listen). Said my wife would be very happy after drinking it

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