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Core Value

HWC Coffee adheres to the original intention when it was founded, and uses the founder Lin Peini Penny's business philosophy to share the best coffee in the world with every consumer who loves HWC.

#Humanistic creativity
People-oriented and sincerely treat each other, value the development of each employee internally, treat customers as friends externally, and strive to provide the best service and become everyone's second home.
Every customer's loss must be found out in the shortest time. Only by humbly accepting guidance and learning can there be room and opportunity for self-growth.
Take care of each store as a mission, use life and franchise operators to serve customers well, establish a width of 1 cm and a depth of 1 km with consumers, raise customer expectations, and raise the service height to a level that rivals cannot surpass. The position shows the determination and strength of the Heiwo people.

#Professional innovation
The team has coffee expertise and services, and provides professional one-stop service "producing area/cup test/baking bean factory/education college/store channel/commodity sales".
Continue to innovate the industrial model and continuously invent new ideas, and establish the spirit of corporate culture of hard learning, so that every Heiwo person can continue to grow and improve independently.

#Land value
We are committed to tapping these values ​​from the terroirs of the world and the products bred by the seasons. The stories behind the producing areas are the most moving, allowing the world to experience the beauty of coffee with its taste buds.

#Coffee aesthetics
We provide a cup of professional specialty coffee, and we also pay attention to the beauty of life conveyed by coffee. The beauty of life comes from the inside and details, and taste is also the key.

#Technology life
Only companies who understand their users will survive. HWC builds network technology that is in line with modern consumers so that the broad masses of people who love HWC can experience the beautiful moments in daily life and consumption through the aesthetics of life formed by various coffees. People feel the love of life together, create a more profound connection with each other, and share better services simultaneously, occupying the premium position of the hearts of every consumer.

#Sustainable development
Brand responsibility must be established at the top of the world. Every level of the team must work together to create a consistent whole. The goal is to make the coffee industry a genuine, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle and an excellent circular economy. Continued development is the business model we are committed to promoting, and we rely on HWC's business as an internationally renowned brand.

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