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Winning Records

Graciano Cruz, owner of Heiwo Manor
Won the champion of BOP traditional sunburning group

The unique taste of the chief cup tester Lin Peini led to the establishment of HWC Manor here, which not only established the uniqueness of the brand, but also consolidated the stability of the source of supply.
[Dajia Mazu Co-branded Coffee Gift Box] Won the First Prize & Best Popularity Award of the Top Ten Taichung Souvenirs
The roasted bean champion "Black Series" boarded the designated coffee of China Airlines Presidential Plane.
Through safety component inspection, aerial explosion-proof test, taste and other evaluations, it surpasses the best in safety and flavor, and has established a reputation for HWC roasted bean championship series.
The Eighth Cross-Strait Top Ten Souvenirs
Gold Award for Franchise Brand of Gold Chain Catering

[Poker Coffee Kingdom Gift Box] Won the Dutch INDIGO Packaging Design & Product Design Gold Award
Won the top 100 managers of Taiwan MVP
【Macaron series coffee hanging ear gift box】
Won the Taichung Top Ten Souvenirs Best Popularity Award & Golden Word of Mouth Award & High Quality Halal Award

The high-quality halal award is recognized by Muslims, and products that are eaten or touched must be traced to the source, which is the most rigorous international certification mark.
The Golden Ship Award of the National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, shortlisted for 20 potential brands
[Poker Kingdom Drip Coffee Gift Box] Won the German International Design Award iF Design Award 

Won the 9th Cross-Strait Quality Catering Chain Brand Gold Award
The Golden Ship Award of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, the top ten enterprises of the year, and the potential brand of ten trillion innovative industries
"Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte" Taichung Zhen Milk Festival Annual Champion & Best Popularity Award
【Macaron series Drip Coffee gift box】
Taiwan's Top 100 Souvenirs
Won the Golden Biography Award of the Chinese Charity Festival
Founder Lin Pei Ni won the Top Ten Female Entrepreneurs/Female Entrepreneur Elite Competition in Taiwan, winner of the Outstanding Elite Group
[Playing Card Kingdom Drip Coffee Gift Box] Food Power FIA Food Innovation Award/Packaging and Technology Innovation Category/Winning

[Black Hyunfeng Ice Cream Gift Box]
Won the first prize of the top ten souvenirs in Taichung & the best popularity award & the Internet popularity award

Service Innovation Award/Product Service Innovation Award
The Poker Kingdom Drip Coffee Gift Box won the honorary prize of the London International Creative Competition Award
London International Creative Competition Award (HONORABLE MENTION)

China Industrial and Commercial Economic and Trade Technology Development Association
Taiwan Quality Assurance Award
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