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Mr.  Ms.  Mrs. 
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Age /
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e-mail /
Nationality /
Country of Residence /
How long have you stayed there /
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Types of Investors
Individual Investment
Enterprise Investment
Educational Background
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Major /
Graduated /
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Work experience/company background
Company Name /
Established Year /
Type of Business /
Job Title /
Company Website / FB Page /
FB retail / retail experience /
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If yes, please elaborate in details (including years of experience) /
Any goods import experience? /
Yes  No 
If yes, is it food related products? /
Yes  No 
Do you own a management team currently? /
Yes  No 
If yes, please state the number of key management team members. /
Company Profile /
Investors Preference
Prefer store Location /
Country /
Store Information /
Please narrate the size of the store, trading area, population
Estimated budget for HWC /
Less than USD $100,000

USD $100,000 ~ USD $300,000

More than USD $300,000
Anticipated time-frame for opening /
Preparation fo Master Franchise
Estimated operate stores of the HWC chain business within years ?
tores in the first year,stores in the second year,
stores in the third year.
The ratio of regular chain to franchised stores:
What is your estimated budget of investment? /
Will you manage the shop in person? /
Operating Partner(s)? /
Yes  No 
Operating Partner(s) is/are / and numbers
Parents  Spouse  Sibling Friend/Classmate  No operating partner
Others :
Numbers :
Please provide a brief description of the shareholder’s name, experience and shareholding ratio? /
What is your preliminary plan for the establishment of a regional headquarters for the regional operation of the HWC chain business?
A. Marketing plan,
B. Exhibition shop plan (location of the first three business districts. Rental overview and future planning, etc.),
C. Staffing,
D. Warehouse settings (management, rent and geographic flow, etc.), etc. Please be detailed Narrate! 【Or upload the Business plan 】 /
Up load file /
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