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One package contains 8 individual ready to "Drip Brew" ( coffee filter bags, drip bags) packs (African Wild Ass X 2 Drip bags , Bornean Orangutan X 2 Drip bags , Leopard Cat X 2 Drip bags , Cotton-top Tamarin X 2 Drip bags)
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“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, we shall be saved.” -Dr. Jane Goodall

HWC specially selects coffee green beans from coffee producing areas that cover nearly-extinct animal living environments. We hope you can enjoy coffee and rethink about nearly-extinct animals and the relationship between us and the environment, let protect our precious environment together

HWC will donate 5% of this product line revenue to Taipei Zoo in order to reserve wild animals.

Product information:

1. African Wild Ass

Specification : 2 Drip bag x 15g

Roast level : Medium Roast

Fully-Washed Ethiopia G2 coffee

Country : Ethiopia

Taste notes : Lemon, Orange Peel, Ginger, Syrup

African Wild Ass lives in South Ethiopia, previously they are hunted for processing food and making medicine. Currently, there are only nearly 600 Wild Asses living in the wild. That is why we choose coffee green beans from Ethiopia with a medium roast giving out the lemony and orange peel fragrance inside your palate, a little bit of ginger and aftertaste with tea flavor, feeling like drinking fragrant tea in the afternoon.

2. Bornean Orangutan

Specification : 2 Drip bag x 15g

Roast level: Medium 

Country : Indonesia

Taste notes: Cream, Mixed nut, Liquorice

Bornean’s English name ( Orangutan ) originates from Indonesian ( Forest man ). They mainly live in Borneo, Indonesia. That’s why we choose coffee green beans from Sumatra Golden Mandheling, with medium dark roast. In the first sip, your mouth will be filled with Liquorice aroma, then turn into mixed nut flavor and dark chocolate. Having Strong flavor which is very suitable for drinking in the Morning.

3. Leopard Cat

Specification: 2 Drip Bag x 15g

Roast level : Dark Roast

Fully-washed Alishan Taiwan

Country : Taiwan

Taste notes: Almond, chocolate, liquorice ppl m

Leopard cat is the only native animal that survives in Taiwan. With white spot on the back and ear, Leopard Cat is differentiated from the house cat which does not have a Leopard pattern. Having faced extinction, we need to protect the Leopard Cat with all our heart as Taiwanese Icon. The chosen coffee beans is from Taiwan with Medium Dark roast, you will feel flavor of Almond, Dark chocolate and liquorice, strong taste without sourness, you can drink and love it immediately.

4. Cotton-top Tamarin

Specification : 2 Drip bag x 15g

Roast level : Medium

Colombia Huila El Nino project

Country : Colombia 

Taste notes : Plum, Kiwi, Hawthorn, Pomelo

Cotton-top Tamarin is a small Primate that is active during the day and weighs only 300g. They are located in the tropical forest of North Cambodia, with a high rarity reserve. The coffee we chose is grown in Cambodia. With medium roast level, the coffee is flavored with Plum, Kiwi, Pomelo, sweetness of Brown Sugar and refreshing aftertaste of Green Tea, you need to try it.

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