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Macaroon Series Drip Coffee

Macaroon Series Drip Coffee
One package contains 20 individual ready to "Drip Brew" ( coffee filter bags, drip bags) packs, You can choose more than one flavour
#Jamaican Mountain, #Mandheling royalty, #Mandheling Brazil, #Arabica, #Mocha

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With 5 vibrant colors and elegant graphic design, the ideas are taken from nature, festive atmosphere, trendy life, to illustrate a more lively and joyful taste.

#Jamaican Mountain

Degree of Roast: Medium

Origin: Colombia & Brazil

The unique flavors of bitter, sweetness, and gentleness blend perfectly together with a hint of mellow aroma and the purity of the Jamaican blue mountains, creating a luxurious and unforgettable taste.

Inspired by the energetic blue and aesthetic curves of Jamaican mountains, this design was made to bring out the preciousness and high standard.

#Mandheling royalty

Degree of Roast: Dark

Origin: Indonesia

Emphasized by the rich taste, not too sour, but strong and sweet with a little caramel, and long lasting.

Reserving the green color as the dominance, the coffee aroma to recall the taste time after time.

#Mandheling Brazil.

Degree of Roast: Medium dark

Origin: Indonesia & Brazil

The fine and mild taste of Brazilian coffee combined with the strong style of Mandheling coffee bring up the delicious, not too sour, not too bitter, but rich. It's a great choice between bold and light.

Mandheling and Brazilian coffee beans are blended in perfect proportions, as a symbol of infinity, expressing the unlimited creativity of coffee beans.


Degree of Roast: Medium dark

Origin: Colombia

The intensed scents of nuts and caramel, light taste and resonance,create a balanced, refreshing and rustic feel.

The high quality of Arabica has made its place in the coffee world, by using the diamond image and bamboo basket to enhance its precious value.


Degree of Roast: Dark

Origin: Ethiopia

A strong taste of dark chocolate and cocoa runs down your throat, and at the same time the richness of the cream, you will feel the sweet and rich taste will be reverberated in the mouth slowly.

The name derived from the Mocha port of Yemen, which has historical significance to the world's coffee trade in this area. Human life plays a huge role, whether in culture, race, politics, ecology, society or religion. It can create a sustainable, tolerant and growing city. Therefore, the design concept illustrates precious coffee flower landscapes.

The filter bag coffee was designed with the ingenious combination of 5 colors and graphics. The core idea is to demonstrate nature, festive atmosphere, and trendy life. Making the coffee habit is easy to integrate into our lives.

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