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Alishan Zou Zhou Yuan So'ngnaAuction Winning Lot G

Medium light|Honey
Lychee, citrus peel, egg flower, kiwi, peach, grape..., cane sugar
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Country: Taiwan

Origin: Alishan Mountain, Chiayi

Farm: Zou Zhou Yuan

Roast level: Medium light

Process: Honey

Category : Songna

Height: 1300

Product batch: Has won the special prize “Honey processing”, the festival of quintessence of Alishan mountain.

Soft luxurious aroma of lychee, citrus peel and milk flower busts in the first sip. The sour taste of kiwi will bring up the sweetness of peach and the taste of peony (muscat). And in the end, there will be the sweetness of sugarcane to make a last impression!


At the 2020 Aly Son elite exchange festival, HWC Coffee competed and won the honey processing award with a score of 84.45. Although the taste is not like a geisha, the score is still higher. After talking with the owner of the farm, Mr. Phuong Chinh Luan, they learned that the seed lot is an unknown native species.

The growing environment in Ali mountain is very advantageous. The yield is large and the taste is outstanding,

.... changed in July 2020, named Songna, which means Tsou ethnic group, has the best intentions, and Songna also won the prize of the Ali Jingying Mountain Exchange Festival, the award specially for drying group and cleaning group.

The story of the development of the bamboo garden on Alishan mountain:

Alishan Mountain is the homeland of the Tsou ethnic group. The story has to begin with the coffee forest prince, Phuong Chinh Luan, who declared not to be afraid of failure and striving to realize the dream of clean coffee. That year, he was discharged from the army and returned home from Taiwan. He then participated in his family's tea and orchid garden business. Giving up the bustling luxury life of the city and being under the pressure of public opinion about inheriting the father's career, he could not adapt to the big change at his hometown. It almost made him lose his enthusiasm and purpose in life, (at that time there was no internet in the mountains, even the phone signal and the TV only had 4 channels available. It somewhat reflected as if it was the last step of a person's life). Phuong Chinh Luan couldn't help but smile when he recalled his father.  A few years ago, he took a handful of coffee from his relative's house then planted on the mountainside. Now, it is full of very lush fruit, so his father has handed it over to him, the permission of operating these 200 coffee trees. It has made him find direction again and rebuild his life. (I want to promote the coffee for my Tsou nation, so that everyone knows that Ali mountain coffee is representative of the Tsou people.


The spirits & self-experience :

It was all started as a constant effort, endless experimentation of ways to use steel-making earth. Because he wanted to peel the fruit, he used his bare hands to peel it. He even put coffee in a bag of thorns and dared to hit the ground. Use the blower to peel the peel. Phuong Chinh Luan laughed and said while thinking about these strange experiments.” At first there weren't many people replanting this coffee, most of them based on their own Yangchun experiments, 其实都是在恶搞啦. By having the spirit of not giving up, he went from knowing nothing about coffee to become a coffee champion. It took him 20 years to traverse this lonely and rough journey. By research and experimentation in her own field, has produced high-value geisha seeds. Continuing to use the roasting and drying technique by oven, to a coffee maker from bean to cup (from bean to cup), and successfully promote Alys mountain coffee to the world, fight for the people, create achievements for the people and won countless awards.

2019 won first prize, Taiwan domestic product evaluation association special prize

2019 evaluation of A Ly mountain coffee: first prize in 2 aspects of drying and cleaning 

2018 won the first prize of the Asian coffee annual festival and the evaluation of Asian coffee beans Abody

2017 won the award "10 excellent farmers nationwide"


Persistence with high quality makes him become the winner every year

Currently, the output of the coffee farm is nearly 2000 kg. All coffee beans must be carefully selected and processed by Mr. Phuong Chinh Luan. Because of his persistent pursuit of high quality, zou zhuyuan lcos seems to be a regular winner in the coffee poll. However, not relying on this reputation,he constantly worked towards his goal as he "Find out the names of the coffees in the coffee garden, at the same time examine them, and cross-breed them with Taiwan's coffee beans, so that the world rushes to grow it. If you want to do it, you have to be the pioneer."

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