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HWC X 7-11 Bulletproof Coffee

Published date : 2020-07-01

Heiwu Bulletproof Coffee 7-11 exclusive on Taiwan market,

With No Sugar Added, “Heiwu” and “7-11” Launch Bulletproof Coffee Together

Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil  X Espresso handpicked by Heiwu, a bulletproof bottle of coffee has only 184 calories.

The bottle is not only reduced in sugar, but also give a feeling of satisfaction for a long time, drink a bulletproof coffee now!

Suggested price: A bottle of 45 yuan.

Where to buy: Sold exclusively in Taiwan 7-11

For details of bulk purchase, please contact 7-11 sales department.


Bulletproof Coffee Tips

Bulletproof coffee was developed by American engineer Dave Asprey in Silicon Valley from Tibetan butter tea, he advocated the "Bulletproof Diet" and published as a book. The origin of the name bulletproof coffee is because Dave Asprey thinks that after drinking, the body is like wearing a bulletproof vest, not only relieving hunger but also helping to improve mental health.

Suggested ways to drink:

After drinking a bottle of Heiwo bulletproof coffee in the morning, eat less and choose foods that low in sugar and high in protein.

People that are not recommended to drink:

Pregnancy, dyslipidemia, abnormal kidney function, growing adolescents (13-19 years), heart disease, type 1 diabetes, fatty liver or steatohepatitis, gallstone patients , high lipids blood (especially high triglycerides), gout or high uric acid, people who have had acute pancreatitis.

Attention: People with heart palpitations, dizziness or gastrointestinal discomfort when drinking coffee are not recommended to drink.


Note: Information is taken from the Internet.

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