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“Touching to the Moon” [Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 Gift Box]

Published date : 2019-08-27

# Original milk biscuits

The original super classic milk biscuits are crunchy and not greasy. Combined with medium-roasted "Champion Special COE" hand-brewed coffee, it can perfectly bring out a fresh, crisp and mellow milky taste.

# cranberry oat brown sugar

The taste of healthy oatmeal combines the sweetness and sourness of brown sugar and cranberries, and the special blend of "Berry Forest" coffee with different levels of flavor and sweetness. The delicate taste will make you fall in love immediately!

# matcha

The rich matcha aroma and rich taste of chocolate beans combine in a unique cup of "Apricot Shanty",  skillfully blended, as if you were in a Japanese tea house. !

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