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Heiwo Coffee PUZZLE GAME new season is about to begin! (★The last championship has been released★)

Published date : 2021-01-08

Heiwo Coffee PUZZLE GAME
! The last champion is out!

~Congratulations to meatball for winning this championship~


Log in to the Heiwo Coffee APP every day to participate in the PUZZLE GAME mini game. The first player to complete 100 missions will be able to choose one of his favorite prizes in the prize library!

You can learn about Heiwo coffee, you can add a lot of coffee knowledge, and there are many good gifts waiting for you!

Let's play PUZZLE GAME together!

~The next season’s competition will start on January 10, 2021 at 00:00~

1. Log in to the Heiwo Coffee APP and click to enter the game page

2. Click to enter PUZZLE GAME

3. Enter the mission

4. Click to start

5. Each task has a different time limit
(You can use the time to freeze, but a light bulb will be deducted!)

6. After choosing the answer, press confirm to send

7. Cleared!

Isn't it very simple!

▼You can view the treasure trove of prizes


Challenge the record


1. The first player to complete 100 questions,
You can choose a prize you like in the prize pool.

2. After completing a task, you can continue to the next task.

3. A light bulb will be deducted if you give up or give a wrong answer when answering the question.

4. If the use time is frozen, a bulb will be deducted.

5. There are only 3 bulbs per day, reset at 00:00 the next day.


☆Task types☆

A. Knowledge task-answer the correct answer to pass the level.

B. Store missions-you can pass the missions through designated missions at the store.

C. Special tasks-hidden types, question types are not fixed.

Heiwo's lovers hurry up and challenge~!

The next champion is you! !

Click here to download Heiwo Coffee AP​​​​​​​P

This game is designed and developed by Heiwo Coffee. All reward rules are governed by our company. Heiwo Coffee reserves the right to modify it at any time. Thank you for your participation.

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