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Sure enough, COLORFUL LIFE! The final battle of the 109 Taiwan Fruit Creative Hand Beverage Competition

Domestically produced fruits are awesome in all seasons
The Agriculture and Food Administration stated that in order to encourage beverage companies to incorporate Taiwan’s fresh, local, and natural fruits into their hand-shaking drinks, to create diversified fruit products, and to introduce commercial operation models, the department has been running hand-shaking competitions for two consecutive years. Different from the previous summer, this year selected autumn and winter seasonal fruits including dragon fruit, guava, citrus, lemon, banana and papaya as raw materials, allowing the industry to develop creativity and hope that it can also create hand-crank drinks in autumn and winter and increase domestic production. The number of fruit diversified utilization.


HWC's fourth anniversary, the event is happening now!!

[Heiwo's 4th Anniversary Celebration, the event is happening]
Only this one a year! Exclusive gifts for you!


Taiwan's Creative Hand Shake Champion Fruit Drink is ON SALE. Limited-Time Offers

109 Year Taiwan  Creative Hand Shake Fruit Beverage Competition Champion Drinks are on sale for a limited time
#Pandan Red Bean Dragon Fruit
Taiwan's original red dragon fruit base special creative drink, using Shizuoka matcha with red bean milk, it tastes like eating Taiwan's traditional dessert "red bean jelly"!
#Honey Lime Coffee
Honey lemon plus Coffee Review with 91 points of selected coffee beans, sweet and sour taste, there will be a sweet taste like honey-flavored black tea at the end, and you can experience the mystery of hand shake in the coffee.


2020 Fantastic Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box
#Limited pre-order now


"Customize Happiness" X HWC Coffee

#春暉映像 X #HWC黑沃咖啡 聯合幸福推薦


Happy Father's Day


Promotion Coupon Plan

Revitalization triple coupon #HWC plus more
Limited time broadcast 07/17-08/31
(1) Hold a 200 yuan promotion ticket to buy a champion latte
Buy two get one free, and get another American voucher! Buy four get two free, and get another American voucher!
※By analogy, cups can be sent!

(2) Buy coffee beans with 500 yuan promotion coupon, you can get a discount of $800 coffee beans

(3) The promotion coupon will be doubled
A single consumption of 1,000 yuan promotion coupon can be discounted for $1500 ear hooks and coffee beans in the whole hall! Give three more American redemption voucher!
※Thousand yuan as the unit and so on

The three programs cannot be used at the same time, nor in conjunction with other discounts
The revitalization coupon program does not provide change services in accordance with government regulations
Drinks can only be redeemed at the original consumer store


Wild African Coffee Beans Newly Launched

#Wild Africa series from #Ethiopia​ #Oromi produces #Primary Forest with rich ecosystems. That's why it's known as the Shepherd Valley

#Coffee hunting master Heiwu #Graciano Cruz has carefully selected through hundreds of Cuppings.

#Zeyibila #Giraffe Kechine #Abosheni Leopard #Arzoo Crocodile

The combination of pronunciation and coffee, has made coffee and the place of production even more imaginative

Launching July 22 : 


Tie Guan Yin series launches

#炭焙鐵觀音系列 新上市 獨特現萃.茶香加倍  盛夏初始,以 #黑沃茶園 100%嚴選炭焙鐵觀音茶葉為基底  特殊工法現萃技術,加入鮮奶、黑糖茶蜜、義式濃縮元素延伸而成「鐵觀音系列」帶你顛覆對鐵觀音的想像

來自 #南投松柏嶺 黑沃茶園的茶葉,茶香四溢,搭配完美比例、特殊工法加壓萃取精華,讓我們彷彿來到茶園,享受最新鮮的好茶!

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