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From 2/10 onwards, "Tieguanyin Latte Coffee " packaging stickers can be used in retail stores for cash credit!

Published date : 2021-02-10

To celebrate the launch of "HWC-Coffee Latte Tieguanyin" on 7-11, just present the sticker on the package and go to the Heiwomen City to check out, and you can get a discount on the consumption amount! The winning rate is 100%! (Deemed as a physical discount coupon)

◆ During the event: 2021/2/10~2021/3/31

In addition, scan the QR-CODE on the sticker to enter the event page, and you can also participate in the APP-limited slot game!
"The Bull Turns the Universe—The Ten Marriott Ceremony is pulled 100 times every day!" 》From 2/10
There is a chance to get lucky gifts! The biggest prize, Gogoro VIVA, is waiting for you to take home~~~
See here for the detailed activity method: https://www.hwcroasters.com/news/445/549/

Following Bulletproof Coffee and African Wild Melaleuca, Heiwo Coffee once again joined forces with 7-11!

The hot new product "Tieguanyin Latte" is exclusively listed on 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan on 1/26!

The coffee is cold-extracted and extracted for 12 hours at a low temperature for a long time. The aroma is rich and rich, and the taste is pure and clean, allowing the coffee flavor to be fully presented, showing the delicacy brewed by time.

Tieguanyin tea leaves are carefully selected from the Pingtung Laopi Tea Factory. They are roasted at a high temperature in stages. Through tempering, the aroma is restrained and wrapped in the tea leaves.

Coffee Latte Tieguanyin, a perfect fusion of coffee and tea aroma, brings you a rich layer of multiple enjoyment!

Early adopter price: RMB 32 (recommended price: RMB 38)


[Using Rules for Discount Coupons]
1. Present the coupon to each store for consumption checkout, and the cash discount can be displayed according to the amount on the coupon.
2. Please show this voucher before checkout, and the store staff will collect it after use.
3. Coupons can be used for accumulative discounts (unlimited number of copies).
4. This coupon is only available for redemption until 2021/3/31, and is invalid after the expiry date.
5. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with store promotions.
6. This coupon is a commodity price credit coupon issued free of charge. It does not apply to the specifications recorded in the commodity (service) gift certificate, and the holder is not allowed to resell it for profit.
7. This coupon can only be used to offset the consumption amount according to the above-mentioned usage method. When using this coupon for purchases, no separate invoice will be issued and no cash exchange, partial discount, change, and loss will not be reissued.
8. Commodities exchanged with this voucher will not accept returns or refunds, and no exchanges will be accepted unless the goods are defective.
9. The photocopy of this coupon is invalid. This coupon will become invalid if it is altered, damaged or torn off the corners, and the counterfeiter shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.
10. This event is limited to physical stores, and Heiwo Catering Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the event.
※Not applicable to stores: Taipei Mackay Store, Taipei Fuxing Store, Taipei City Government Store, Nanjing Sanmin Store, Nantou Caotun Store, Xinyi Siyan Store, Xinzhuang Zhongyuan Store.

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