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From 2/10 onwards ~ Ten Marriott’s gift every day! [APP limited game]

Published date : 2021-02-10


New Year's Black Voga code to send! The first prize Gogoro VIVA is waiting for you to ride home!
Anyone who joins a Heiwo member (or has already joined) during the event period will enjoy 100 slotting opportunities every day!
What are you waiting for~ Move your fingers to get coffee!

◆ During the event: 2021/2/10~2021/3/31

◆ Activity method:
1. Download the Heiwo APP and successfully register as a member (or log in)
2. Enter Heiwo APP>Game>LUCKY POINT
3. Start to draw 100 times for free! !
(Reminder ☆You can enjoy 100 chances to win prizes every day you log in☆)

★Tips for lucky draw★ Enter the APP Niu Zhuan Qiankun event page, share two friends to join the membership, you can unlock the robot's automatic prize drawing function!


◆ Game description:
1. Enter Heiwo Coffee APP|Download

2. Click to enter the game page

3. Click to enter LUCKY POINT

4. Press the drop-down bar to start the lottery. In order to avoid any cheating, alteration or use of bugs, please follow the winning message as the main winner when you win the prize, and after verification by the Heiwo customer service staff, you will win the prize. Come and try your luck Right!

◆ Awards:
◎ First prize (1 winner): Gogoro VIVA (market price NT$54,980)
◎ Second Prize (3 winners in total): 1,000 yuan cash coupon
◎ Third Prize (150 winners in total): 50 yuan cash coupon
◎ Fourth Prize (250 winners in total): 30 yuan cash coupon
◎ Fifth Prize (350 winners in total): 10 yuan cash discount voucher
◎ Consolation Prize:
Ⅰ. Bonus point 1 point (749,623 people in total)
Ⅱ. Bonus points: 2 points (374,812 people in total)
Ⅲ. Bonus points 3 points (374,812 people in total)
(The total value of prizes exceeds NT$100,000)

◆ Matters attention:
【How to receive the first prize】

1. Receipt deadline: Winners must check their eligibility with the official fan group in the screenshot of the winning screen private message before March 31, 110. Those who fail to claim the prize after the expiry date will be deemed to have waived their eligibility and related rights, and the winner shall not object. .
2. If you fail to comply with the relevant regulations of the event, fail to reply to the relevant winning information within the limited time, or fail to fill in or pay taxes as agreed, you will be deemed to have waived the right to win and the winner's qualifications may be cancelled.
3. According to the income tax law, if the value of the prize for a chance to win exceeds NT$1,000, the income will be included in the personal annual comprehensive income tax return. If the total value of the prize exceeds NT$20,000, 10% of the winning bonus tax must be deducted; non-resident in the Republic of China Regardless of the amount earned by the winner, a 20% chance winning tax shall be withheld on the winning income. (The winning tax is calculated based on the market price of the product.)
4. The prizes of this event are subject to the prizes planned by the organizer. The winning qualifications cannot be transferred to others. All prizes are subject to the entity. The winners shall not request the execution unit to replace the prizes or exchange cash for any reason. The organizer reserves the right to replace others, etc. The right to be worth the prize.
5. All awards in this event are based on the actual product. The pictures are for reference only, and the specified styles and colors are not accepted.
6. Winners will not be able to apply for any government-related subsidies for Gogoro VIVA electric vehicles, and must pay all taxes, licensing fees, and agency related fees. Winners cannot specify car color and license plate number. The winning vehicle is limited to the winning person or his authorized person to receive the vehicle and apply for the license plate. Winners must complete the battery contract and sign the vehicle before handing over the vehicle. After the winner completes the relevant procedures, please follow the notice to the designated store or delivery center to pick up the car.
7. The color, specifications, and equipment of Gogoro VIVA are subject to the actual delivered vehicle. Excluding supervision fee, license tax, fuel tax, vehicle insurance fee, car inspection fee, transfer fee and related fees, etc.; other series of commodities, other car models, models, car colors, cash exchanges, and transfers are not allowed The organizer will not be responsible for the warranty and maintenance of other people or the return or exchange of goods in the future.
8. Gogoro VIVA winners must be at least 20 years old. If the winners are underage, they can fill in the authorization letter and get them on their behalf.
9. If the winner is a minor, the legal representative shall coordinate the receipt of the prize and all related procedures. If the legal representative is unable to coordinate, please download the legal representative's consent form attached to the notification letter and bring the prize. Photocopies of the front and back of the ID card of the person and the legal representative shall apply for the award.
10. If the winner cannot collect the prize in person, please fill in the power of attorney for the prize collection and bring along the front and back copies of the ID card of the winner (principal) and the trustee to receive the prize.
11. Winners should meet the needs of the organizer to attend public events to ensure the credibility of the event and the fact that the winners actually receive the award. 

[Rules for the use of other awards]
1. Rules for the use of bonus points
1. You can receive accumulated points when the online consumption amount is over RMB 300.
2. The "available points" obtained can only be used in the point mall.
※Point mall link: https://www.hwcroasters.com/products/109/110/
※Bonus points are not equivalent to cash, points are distributed randomly by the system.

2. Rules for using online discount coupons
1. The discount coupons are issued directly by the system to the "coupons" page of the winning member account.
2. Present the coupon to each store for consumption and checkout, and the consumption amount can be discounted.
3. Please show the official website or APP "coupon" page before checkout, and the store staff will scan the barcode to redeem it successfully.
4. Coupons can be used for accumulative discounts (unlimited number of copies).
5. This coupon is only valid for a period of time. If the system displays, it will be invalid after the expiry date.
6. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other store promotions.
7. This coupon is a commodity price credit coupon issued free of charge. It does not apply to the specifications recorded in the commodity (service) gift certificate, and the holder is not allowed to resell it for profit.
8. This coupon can only be used to offset the consumption amount according to the above-mentioned usage method. When using this coupon for purchases, no separate invoice will be issued and no cash exchange, partial discount, change, and loss will not be reissued.
9. Commodities exchanged with this voucher will not accept returns or refunds, and exchanges will not be accepted unless the goods are defective.
10. The photocopy of this coupon is invalid. This coupon will become invalid if it is altered, damaged or torn off the corners, and the counterfeiter shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.
11. This event is limited to physical stores. Heiwo Catering (Stock) Company reserves the right to modify the event.
※Not applicable to stores: Taipei Mackay Store, Taipei Fuxing Store, Taipei City Government Store, Nanjing Sanmin Store, Nantou Caotun Store, Xinyi Songyan Store, Xinzhuang Zhongyuan Store.
3. Online discount coupon page description

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