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[SCA] Barista Junior and Intermediate Certification Course

Published date : 2021-03-05

SCA (Speciality Coffee Association)

Composed of thousands of professionals in professional fields, it is committed to promoting international specialty coffee professional skills and knowledge, and helping participants to improve their coffee skills. Their coffee skills are mainly divided into six themes-Introduction to Coffee and green beans. Green Coffee, Sensory Skills, Brewing, Barista Skills, Roasting

And the Barista, as a "scholar of coffee making and cultural transmission",

Need to be familiar with the operation of the coffee machine, superb brewing, transfer of knowledge, use of the bar, use professional technology to demonstrate the flavor and message conveyed by coffee beans, and establish a close bridge between coffee and people. .

It can be seen that to become a barista, professional training is necessary. At the end of this month, we have opened the SCA Barista Skills (Barista Skills) course. Applicants will be able to acquire the following professional knowledge:


Introduction to coffee

From the source to a cup of coffee, learn systematically, and understand the professional knowledge of the coffee industry to improve self-ability

The production area road of the bean-hunting division
The journey from seed to cup
The origin of coffee history
Coffee Delivery and Brewing Cultural Revolution
Exploration of coffee quality
The secret to a good coffee
Mastering of basic brewing equipment
Easy to make a good cup of coffee

Barista skills

Bean grinder grinding, coffee machine operation, Italian concentrated extraction, basic sensory establishment, bar management, etc.

The skills and concepts used by the barista are inherited and cultivated

Understanding green beans and processing methods
Understanding cooked beans and exhaust
Bean grinder grinding and how to make fine adjustments
Understand the thermal effect of the grinder
Tips for cloth powder
Espresso Extraction Analysis
Milkology and Latte
Equipment maintenance

Examiner Information
Chief Cup Tester Penny Lin
Specialty Coffee Association SCA Certified Cup Tester/Golden Cup Technician/AST Lecturer Examiner
CQI certified specialty coffee quality appraiser from the International Coffee Quality Agency

【Class time】
110/03/25 (Thursday), 03/26 (Friday)
110/03/31 (Wednesday), 04/01 (Thursday)
Heiwo Coffee Headquarters 3F Coffee Classroom
Number of classes: 4~8

【Registration Fee】
Course fee: $30,000/person
Early bird discount: $28,000/person (successful registration before 03/14)
The fee includes practice, material fees and academic examinations

【Remittance Information】
03/19 (Fri) Registration deadline
03/24 (Wednesday) Deadline for remittance
Account Name: Heiwo Catering Co., Ltd.
Bank: Taiwan Enterprise Bank Xingzhong Branch (050-500)
Account number: 500-12-085548

In case of special circumstances (typhoon...etc.) the course is postponed, we will take the initiative to contact you!
If you want to cancel after successful registration, you will get a full refund if you cancel before 03/19, and you will only get a half refund if you cancel after 03/19!

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