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Published date : 2021-01-27

A cup of coffee makes your life beautiful every morning

[HEIWU COFFEE Academy] enrollment for the February course

What is it about brewed coffee that makes people fall in love?

Do you like the taste of coffee? Atmosphere when making coffee? Interested in crafting coffee? Or simply brew a delicious cup of coffee for yourself?

Depending on the roasting process of the coffee beans, the fineness of the powder, the moisture content and the flow rate of the water, the way it is brewed by hand, different flavors will be produced!

From the introduction of the brewing equipment, the extraction principle to the transformation when brewing, in just 2 hours, HEIWU will transport you to the magical world of coffee!


[Flower drawing/ Latte art course]

Beginner class / 2 hours

1. Concentrated extract suitable for flower drawing

2. A balance between skill and importance

3. The texture of milk foam

4. Location and how to draw patterns

5. Causes of success and failure of flower drawing

6. Practicing drawing flowers

Advanced class / 3 hours

1. Skills to handle different air holes and steam

2. technique and taste

3. Fix milk foam

4. How to hold and choose a steel cup

5. Adjust the position of holding the latte

6. advanced drawing skills

7. Complete advanced pattern


[Coffee making course]


Beginner class / 2 hours

1. Introduction of brewing tools

2. The principle of hand brewing extraction

3. Causes of change in brewing

4. Brewing techniques and flavors

5. Brewing plan

6. Observe the steps and practice

Advanced class / 3 hours

1. Expanded introduction of coffees

2. Compare methods

3. The principle of hand-coffee extraction

4. 4 causes of great variation of extracts

5. Different brewers and differences in taste

6. How to mix with different tools

7. Discuss and make a coffee making plan


[Siphon course]


Beginner class / 2.5 hours

1. History of Siphon

2. Siphon's Principle

3. Compare and recommend equipment

4. Cause of Extraction Change

5. Compare how to mix the powder before/after

6. Brew and practice in reallity


[Course of tasting and assessment (cupping)]

Basic class / 3 hours

1. Build sensory analysis ability

2. Scent Introduction and Experience

3. Tasting techniques

4. Difference in taste and 3 large areas of coffee production

5. Method and purpose of Cupping

6. Scoring method based on evaluation form

7. Realistic taste and evaluation.


【Course Information】


【 flower drawing】beginner

1/2(Monday) 18:00-20:00-Gaogong Store

3/2(Wednesday) 15:00-17:00-Zhongyou Store

Cost: $1500/person, 2 people $1200/person

【Hand Brewing] Beginner

2/2 (Tuesday) 18:00-20:00-Gaogong Store

4/2 (Thursday) 18:00-20:00-Zhongyou Store

Cost: $1000/person, 2 people $800/person

【 Siphon] Beginer

2/9 (Tuesday) 18:00-20:30-Xueshi Store

Cost: $1200/person, $1000/person


8/2 (Monday) 18:00-20:30-Zhongyou Store

Cost: $1800/person, 2 people $1500/person

Offer for 2 people is valid for a limited time.

Small classes are limited, so sign up quickly.

Pls pay attention to the class opening location

TIP: During the time of epidemic period, the program is planned in small classes, flower drawing course 2-4 students, the remaining course 4-6 students

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