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☕️The regular coffee course in January ☕️

Published date : 2020-12-30

"Let's have a coffee date! ! One day barista experience
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Heiwo Coffee Academy is enrolling students for January courses! !

【Latte Course】

Beginner class / 2 hours
1. Italian concentrated extraction suitable for garland
2. Integration skills and importance
3. Steps and structure of creamy milk froth
4. Graphic production method and location
5. Analyze the causes of the success or failure of latte
6. Actual operation garland

Advanced class / 3 hours
1. Skills to deal with different steam head holes and steam volume
2. Analysis of Fusion Techniques and Taste
3. Remedy milk froth
4. The way and choice of holding the steel cup
5. Adjust the posture of holding the latte cup
6. Analysis of advanced drawing skills
7. Complete advanced graphics


【Pour Over Course】

Beginner class / 2 hours
1. Introduction to brewing utensils
2. The principle of hand punch extraction
3. The influence of brewing changes
4. Brewing technique and flavor influence
5. Establish a brewing plan
6. Confirm the steps and actual brewing

Advanced class / 3 hours
1. Introduction to coffee varieties and extensions
2. Comparison of treatment methods
3. The principle of hand brewed coffee extraction
4. Extraction adjustment of 4 major variables
5. Analysis and flavor differences of different appliances
6. Brewing methods for different utensils
7. Customized brewing schedule and brewing discussion

【Siphon Course】

Elementary class / 2.5 hours
1. Historical development of siphon
2. Siphon principle
3. Introduction and comparison of appliances
4. Extract variable factors
5. Comparison of making flour before/after flour
6. Practical practice and brewing

【Cupping Course】

Basic class / 3 hours
1. Establish sensory analysis capabilities
2. Introduction to Flavor Wheel and Scent Bottle Experience
3. Establish the way of tasting and sipping
4. Differences in the three major coffee producing areas and flavors
5. The flavor difference of the three major processing methods of coffee
6. The purpose and method of cupping
7. Cupping form application and scoring method
8. Actual cupping

Course Information

1/7 (Thursday) 18:00-20:00-Gaogong Store
1/8 (Fri) 15:00-17:00-Zhongyou Store
Cost: $1500/person, $1200/person for two persons

1/21 (Thursday) 18:00-21:00-Gaogong Shop
1/22 (Fri) 15:00-18:00-Zhongyou Store
Cost: $2500/person, $2200/person for two persons

【Pour Over】Beginner
1/6 (Wednesday) 15:00-17:00-Zhongyou Store
1/12 (Tuesday) 18:00-20:00-Gaogong Store
Cost: $1000/person, $800/person for two persons

【Hand Punch】Advanced
1/18 (Mon) 18:00-21:00-Zhongyou Store
1/28 (Thu) 18:00-21:00-Bachelor Shop
Cost: $1800/person, $1500/person for two persons

1/14 (Thursday) 18:00-20:30-Bachelor Store
1/16 (Sat) 18:00-20:30-Zhongyou Store
Cost: $1200/person, $1000/person for two persons

1/14 (Thursday) 18:00-20:30-Gaogong Store
1/11 (Mon) 18:00-20:30-Zhongyou Store
Cost: $1800/person, $1500/person for two persons


Limited-time double discount is in effect
Small classes are limited, so grab them fast!
Pay attention to the location of the class

TIPS: During the epidemic prevention period, the curriculum is planned in small classes, with 2-4 students in the latte course, and the remaining 4-6 students
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