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HWC Coffee Happy New Year Gift Triple Delivery! Sacrifice a total of 20 million prizes — Economic Daily

Published date : 2021-02-08

HWC welcomes the Taurus Chinese New Year 2021! The well-known chain coffee brand HWC Coffee announced today (8) that the brand APP membership system has been launched. During the recruitment period, 300,000 cups of coffee (market price 18 million yuan) will be given away for free for members to drink. There will be online pulls from February 10th. Dominate the game, 100 times a day, the highest prize is a GOGORO locomotive.

In addition, HWC also exclusively cooperates with 7-11 Unified Supermarket "HWC-Latte Coffee Tieguanyin". You can use discount stickers on the outer packaging to purchase at all HWC stores in Taiwan to get a discount on the consumption amount. The total value of the three waves exceeds 20 million yuan.

Penny, the founder of HWC Coffee, said that HWC coffee is derived from the most nourishing and fertile black soil to cultivate the best coffee trees and produce the highest quality coffee beans. She wants to conquer coffee hobbies with professionalism and first quality. Taste buds.

Penny Emphasized that HWC Coffee adheres to the business philosophy of "humanistic creativity, professional innovation, land value, coffee aesthetics, technological life, and sustainable management". Since its establishment in 2016, it has continued to make breakthroughs and innovations, and has won many awards at home and abroad. , I also look forward to finding the common topic of Heiwo, society, and people through innovative products.


In addition to coffee, HWC also developed its own branded APP membership system at the end of 2020, advertised as the industry’s first cup delivery system that allows online ordering and offline store pickup. 300,000 cups will be given to members for free during the recruitment period. Members can also Order in the north and share with friends in the south to redeem coffee at the store.

At present, it is estimated that more than 45,000 members are using it. In addition, members can also know the latest developments of HWC at any time, accumulate points, and exclusive gifts for members.

HWC Coffee invites people to go crazy during the Spring Festival and win prizes. Slots try their luckhttps://hwc.0100.tw/


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