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[Packaging innovation] Can't drink coffee? Heiwo uses the packaging of playing cards with 4 suits and 54 cards to teach you the ever-changing flavors of coffee! — Shili Media

Published date : 2020-09-16

"Heiwo Poker Kingdom" extends the design of gift box coffee packaging with familiar playing card suits and number rules. Different suits and colors represent different meanings.


Truth you should know

The “Heiwo Poker Kingdom” coffee gift box affirmed by the “2019 Food Innovation Award Packaging and Design Innovation Category”, with familiar changes in playing cards, brings the changeable types, flavors, origins, roasting degrees and processing of coffee The concept of law, through the visualization of information, allows people to understand the favorite coffee flavor and explore coffee knowledge with a coffee card.

Interview·Writer = Cai Xingru

From the place of origin, pre-processing, roasting to brewing temperature, any change in the link may affect the flavor of coffee. But for many people, "knowing how to drink coffee" may not really "knowing coffee". Few people can say exactly what coffee flavor they like. However, the cutting-edge coffee brand "Heiwo Coffee", established in Taichung in 2016, used the hanging ear bag gift box of "Heiwo Poker Kingdom", and the concept of easy-to-understand playing cards not only successfully interprets the coffee flavor story and knowledge, but also in the follow-up. It has won 10 awards internationally, including the German iF Design Award and the Italian A'design Award Packaging Design Award.

Drink coffee but don't understand coffee? How can the broad knowledge of coffee be easy to understand?

Zhong Yaoyu, the marketing director of Heiwo Coffee, said that his knowledge of coffee can be regarded as a renunciation halfway through, but he also found that people’s understanding of coffee is polarized. "People who understand coffee deeply, but there are many people who don’t." Therefore, Heiwo began to think about "how to make people understand coffee better?" Finally, he saw an opportunity in the changes and rules of "poker" that everyone is so familiar with. The simple lines and symbols on the packaging put together a gorgeous, solemn and elegant coffee totem. Picking up a bag from the "Heiwo Poker Kingdom" premium coffee hanging ear bag gift box, what you see is not a bunch of unfamiliar names of coffee producing areas and descriptions of coffee bean processing methods. It is a coffee poker card, compared with the brochures elaborately designed by Heiwo Coffee's professional roasters, cup testers and a team of more than a dozen designers, so that people can more easily and interestingly understand the coffee process and flavor.

"Heiwo Poker Kingdom" extends the design of hanging ear coffee packaging with familiar playing card design and number rules. The red spades are the "fire element" representing roasting technology; the blue love is the "water element" representing the punch. The temperature of the boiling water; the golden square is the "wind element" representing the balance of the golden ratio; the green plum is the "earth element" representing the characteristics of the production area. The JQK in the playing cards is divided into three different pre-processing methods, namely "sun exposure, washing and honey processing". In addition, even the ghost brand uses "Sun-dried coffee-the footsteps of the cat god" and "Late picking coffee-the gaze of the cat god" to show the changes in the mellow aroma of coffee berries due to the difference in the picking time of coffee berries.

The ghost cards represent the flavors of sun-dried and late-picked coffee with "cat god's footsteps" and "cat god's gaze" respectively. (Image source: provided by Heiwo Coffee)

The gift box made of cedarwood waste material is selected from Hokkaido Sanhe cedar as the raw material. Its high-density fiber paper is not only environmentally friendly and easy to decompose, but the delicate material also improves the touch. It is similar to the color of the bean dregs of ground coffee beans. The intricately carved coffee totems and the line patterns rich in the image of the city wall make people want to step into the coffee kingdom of Heiwo to find out!

Heiwo Coffee expresses coffee terroir and roasting knowledge with the change of playing card color rules, and has won a total of 10 international design awards affirmed! (Image source: provided by Heiwo Coffee)

In addition to the Poker Kingdom gift box, the store also disassembled the coffee flavor wheel for "coffee consultation"

The interesting and easy-to-understand initial concept of Poker Kingdom comes from the coffee flavor wheel of the "Coffee Consultation" service in Heiwomen, said Lin Peini, co-founder of Heiwo Coffee. When you come to the store, customers can simply taste and compare two cups of coffee in terms of flavor, acidity, sweetness, body, and end rhyme. Professional baristas can analyze the flavor points you like and recommend suitable coffee types. And this coffee consultation service also received the "Chinese Appearance Patent" in 2018. Later, the concept of coffee consultation was integrated into the Poker Kingdom gift box, allowing customers to remember their favorite coffee origin, flavor and roasting degree from the color.

Bringing the concept of coffee consultation flavor wheel into the concept of Poker Kingdom, so that consumers can further understand their favorite coffee flavors. (Image source: provided by Heiwo Coffee)

It is not the first attempt to give coffee new value, it is what Heiwo has been doing since its inception!

"Telling stories through packaging" has been Heiwo's long-time attempt. From the early days of its creation, it has collaborated with Dajia Zhenlan Palace Mazu to specially develop the "Dajia Mazu Coffee Hanging Ear Bag Yushou" that gives a blessing image. It will be launched in 2017. The topic was raised, and Heiwo began to tell stories with ear-hanging coffee packaging, and it also made people see that traditional hanging-ear coffee packaging can also have different values, stories and functions.

Lin Peini (left), co-founder of Heiwo Coffee, and Zhong Yaoyu, marketing director (right).

HWC Roasters Food & Beverage CO., LTD.
Project name: Heiwo Poker Kingdom Premium Coffee Hanging Ear Bag Gift Box (Winner of 2019 Food Innovation Award Packaging and Design Innovation Category)
Innovation highlights: With familiar playing card changes, the concept of changing coffee types, flavors, origins, roasting degrees, and processing methods are introduced. Through the visualization of information, people can understand the favorite coffee flavor and explore with a coffee card. Coffee knowledge.

Review editors: Tong Yizhan, Lin Yuting

Reporting office:https://www.foodnext.net/science/packing/paper/5739513350


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