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HWC Coffee Founder Penny Lin uses specialty coffee to enter the world stage — Business Times

Published date : 2020-11-14

The Taiwan coffee market is fiercely competitive. In 2016, Heiwo Coffee was founded in Taichung, but in just a few years, the coffee not only boarded the freely developed bottled bulletproof coffee, but also successfully entered the leading supermarket in Taiwan-unified supermarket sales!

Heiwo Coffee Group, led by CEO Penny Lin, aims to create a boutique kingdom for coffee take-out, and takes coffee take-out with 40 franchise stores. The annual revenue of coffee beans exceeds 100 million yuan. It owns a coffee bean farm in Panama and is original "Coffee consultation" allows customers to find the most suitable taste.

What’s interesting is that Penny Lin was born in a political family. His mother was former Taichung City Councillor Lin Zhang Jiumei. She was a maverick. She did not follow her mother’s steps in politics with her second sister and brother. In the previous year, there was a 921 earthquake. Three rooms were signed and all three rooms were destroyed. Later, he moved to the foreclosure market. As soon as he entered the business, he hit the real estate tax and hit the road, and the house price dropped to the lowest point.

Penny Lin became an insurance salesman again, specializing in the high-asset group, with an annual income of up to 5 million yuan. However, "starting from scratch every day, and getting up the next day after the transaction is zero again. I don't want this. I hope to lay a foundation for accumulation. The good reputation and brand can always follow me", so the seeds of entrepreneurship sprouted quietly in Penny Lin’s heart.

Penny Lin also pursues dreams with practical actions! She loved coffee when she was young, and spent seven years obtaining the SCA Specialty Coffee Association instructor certificate, as well as the qualifications of cup tester and sommelier. She went to Panama to find fine coffee beans and even bought them in Panama. A few hectares of land, the idea of ​​Graciano Cruz, who later became the owner of the "Heiwo Manor" and the inventor of coffee honey processing, came together immediately. The two parties have worked hand in hand. Currently, they have raw material resources from more than 100 production areas around the world to provide customers Richer choices.

The Heiwo coffee brand was not well-known at the beginning of its establishment. Penny Lin, who believed in Mazu, once carried a 100 kg bean roasting machine with his colleagues, participated in the Dajia Mazu circumnavigation, and walked with the believers for nine days and eight nights. The coffee has reached 20,000 cups, and it has lasted for three years; this year, the spirit of serving coffee has been extended to the whole of Taiwan, providing 20,000 anti-epidemic coffee pods for the public to obtain free of charge.

Maybe it is Mazu really blessed him. Since the establishment of Heiwo Coffee, Penny Lin has encountered many noble people to help, including boarding the presidential plane. It was completely unexpected. "I thought it was just being invited to provide coffee for the flight attendants to blindly test. I'm chosen if I think about it!"

Heiwo Coffee plans three types of franchise stores. The first is a raw material-based boutique that sells freshly brewed coffee, coffee beans, coffee pots and other peripheral products; the second is a tasting hall, which opens a coffee and red wine tasting hall in Hsinchu to meet the needs of bamboo people; Kind is a boutique take-away shop that provides more convenient services for guests.
After Heiwo Coffee was opened to join, Penny Lin insisted that “you can join if you have money and you have a store.” To join a takeaway store, it takes 15 days to train, and a boutique store takes three months. "Those who are willing must pass training and exams before they can join. I told the lecturer in charge that brand maintenance is not easy. If students don't write their homework and go out to open a store and respond with a stubborn attitude, we would rather not have such a store!"

During the epidemic this year, Heiwo Coffee's performance grew by 20% against the trend, and it entered Vietnam to establish a coffee classroom. On October 9th, Taiwan’s exclusive "AI smart hand coffee machine" has been opened at Breeze Taipei Station, and the first IoT concept store combined with the Internet of Things. "Laying the foundation in the first three years and going international in three to five years; I hope to find suitable agents to promote, and Heiwo will also go to Tokyo, Japan and North America." Talking about the vision, Lin Peini seems to be ready to enter the world stage.

Grasp every opportunity for exposure

After the Lunar New Year this year, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic hit all major companies. The Heiwo Coffee team led by Penny Lin not only turned the crisis into a turning point, she also led the team to make "epidemic-prevention limited filter coffee bags" to the Ministry of Health Cheer up, the outer packaging is printed with "Thank you for protecting everyone, come on!" and other cheering slogans, unexpectedly exposed at the epidemic prevention press conference held every day!

Penny Lin, who leads a group of young teams, does not use online advertising in marketing strategy, but seizes every offline promotion opportunity. "As long as the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs organizes exhibitions, we will definitely set up stalls to attract many foreign customers. Now the ear bags have been exported to more than 20 countries, and the quantity accounts for half of the total sales." Wo actively sells and exposes the stage of products.

Heiwo's R&D team also pushes new products to compete in the brand. In 2019, Heiwo Coffee won the "Ten Great Taichung Souvenirs" Triple Crown, among which the "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" was also selected as the "Taichung Milk Festival" Double Crown-Annual Milk and Best Popularity Award, which kicked off in one fell swoop Brand awareness.

Master's Profile

Current position: Chief Executive Officer of Heiwo Coffee

Age: 45 years old

Education: Department of Drama, Bunka University

Experience: Lin Peini, the head of Landlord's Office, Prudential Life Insurance Consultant

Hobbies: wine tasting, coffee

Master's motto

Don't be afraid of failure, failure is the nutrient of success

Reporting office:https://ctee.com.tw/people/master/363415.html

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