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Heiwo Coffee won the 109th Taichung Food Industry Hygiene Autonomous Management Appraisal "Excellent" mark

Published date : 2020-12-23

The Taichung City Government Health Bureau is appraising the food industry. The original "Food in Peace" mark will no longer be used after expiration. Since 104, a more refined evaluation method has been introduced to incorporate independent management, quality and other standards into the issue of passers. The evaluation of "excellent", "excellent" and "good" marks was given. In 104, 201 large-scale catering businesses were encouraged to participate. After on-site inspection and review, a total of 180 companies passed the evaluation. Since 106, the Health Bureau has expanded the invitation of smaller businesses and the food manufacturing industry to participate, so that the public can choose from more excellent businesses.

After the health bureau launched the three-level evaluation, it also formulated the "Taichung Food Industry Hygiene Management Evaluation Plan". First, restaurants with a business area of ​​300 square meters or more were invited to participate in the evaluation. The business must have food registration, employee physical examination, and chef certification. Only if the proportion meets the requirements can participate in the assessment. The industry also needs to have good self-management and accept samples from the Health Bureau. After passing it, a two-year evaluation mark will be issued in 105, and there are three levels of "excellent", "excellent" and "good".

The Department of Health also tracks and evaluates the companies that have obtained excellent marks in 2015, as well as the on-site observation meeting for benchmarking companies, hoping to strengthen the self-management of the companies through the plan, gain the trust of consumers, and at the same time cultivate the concept of consumption in good stores. It also encourages the industry to enhance the sense of honor and responsibility. In addition, through consumer choice and market competition mechanisms, other food industry players are also encouraged to take the initiative to participate and improve the overall food industry hygiene management and standards.

The "Food Industry Hygiene Autonomous Management Evaluation Work Plan" evaluates at least 200 "medium and large food manufacturers" and formulates rigorous evaluation items, such as "The raw materials used should meet the relevant food hygiene standards or regulations And traceable source”, “Keep complete storage and delivery receipts and purchase records”, “Process flow should comply with hygiene and safety principles”, “Frying oil and waste management should comply with relevant regulations”, “Complete food registration” and "Sampling inspection items planned according to industry attributes" etc. will be evaluated by experts on the spot, and the model of the mark will be discussed and awarded to the industry publicly.

Among them, for the hygiene and quality of the food produced and sold by the industry, the acid value, hydrogen peroxide, clenbuterol, pesticide residue inspection, preservatives, etc. will be spot-checked according to the attributes of the business and the products sold to maintain the quality.

The Health Bureau has also included the manufacturers that have obtained the evaluation mark into the "Lohas Taichung Food Safety App" to facilitate the public to choose safe stores.

List of Top-Quality Companies in Taichung City's Food Industry Hygiene Autonomous Management Assessment in 109https://www.fds.taichung.gov.tw/media/638109/109年臺中市食品業衛生自主管理評核特優良級業者名單-手搖飲業.pdf

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