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[BAZAAR Cafe] Pop-up shop in Xinyi District! Created with Heiwo Coffee — Harper's Bazaar

Published date : 2020-08-03

【BAZAAR Cafe】Pop-up stores are stationed in Xinyi District!
Hand in hand with Heiwo Coffee to create ``BAZAAR Filter Gift Box Coffee'', and launch limited cups in series across all stores in Taiwan

The limited edition "Black Humor Quotes Filter Hanging Coffee" is worth starting with!

Last year, BAZAAR Cafe worked with Xingbo Coffee created by world champion baristas and Boven Cafe, the first magazine library in Asia, to launch two pop-up shops for a limited period of time, which attracted thousands of IG check-ins in just one month of opening! In 2020, BAZAAR Cafe relaunched its pop-up store, turning the specialty coffee chain brand "Heiwo Coffee" into a limited-time store in Taipei Xinyi Weixiu store. In addition, it has unprecedented expansion in scale and connects Heiwo coffee across Taiwan. The store launches black humorous quotation filter hanging coffee, BAZAAR Cafe limited cup, black and white online check-in activities!

Scroll down to see more BAZAAR Cafe pop-up store introduction

BAZAAR Cafe X special coffee chain brand "Heiwo Coffee" launches pop-up store
【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

"Heiwo Coffee" started in Taichung in 2016 with the goal of creating a specialty coffee kingdom. There are currently 36 branches in Taiwan. In addition to offline coffee takeaway stores and boutiques, Heiwo Coffee also sells filters in online stores. Coffee bags and specialty coffee beans, the territory of the specialty coffee kingdom is already distributed all over Taiwan.

In 2020, BAZAAR Cafe will once again launch a pop-up store, turning the specialty coffee chain brand "Heiwo Coffee" Taipei Xinyi Weixiu store into a limited-time style store!

BAZAAR Cafe connects all Taiwan Heiwo Coffee stores
【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

BAZAAR's classic representative color "black" is combined with Heiwo Coffee's "black" which emphasizes the taste of every drop of coffee liquid, creating a "black frenzy" concept store. In addition to Taipei Xinyi Weixiu store, it also connects Heiwo coffee all over Taiwan. The store launches black humorous quotation filter hanging coffee, BAZAAR Cafe limited cup and black and white online check-in activities!

BAZAAR Cafe pop-up shop offers take-out + internal use options
【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

Heiwo Coffee's Xinyi Weixiu store, which uses black and white as the main color in the store, incorporates black ink elements during the pop-up shop during BAZAAR Cafe. Whether you are passing by for external check-in or internal use, it is suitable for you who are tired from shopping in Xinyi District. Take a coffee break.

Order freshly ground coffee beans, customized brewed coffee

【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

Heiwo Coffee, which aims to build a specialty coffee chain brand, offers light roasted or dark roasted coffee beans at the coffee take-out shop; provides a "coffee consultation" service in the boutique store, so that every coffee partner can learn customized selection Coffee, to create a cup of coffee that is unique to the guests, and to let the guests who follow the fragrance of coffee know that "Heiwo Coffee has your coffee".

BAZAAR Cafe Limited take-out cup during launch
【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

This time, BAZAAR Cafe’s pop-up shop responds to the current atmosphere by launching a "Black Humor Quotes Coffee Cup" with the words "Drinking a cup of coffee is not enough and you want to sleep? Drink two cups!". It is perfect for going to work in the morning and eating at noon. A cup of knowing smile wakes up!

*Purchase hot beverages at Heiwo Coffee (except some stores) during the event, and you will get a BAZAAR café limited quotation cup.

【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

In addition to coffee, BAZAAR Cafe X Heiwo Coffee Xinyi store also has 10 breads made from French and Japanese flour. The clerk recommends cinnamon rolls and custard dennis as popular items in the store!

Simultaneous sales of BAZAAR Cafe's black humorous quotations filter hanging coffee

【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

The BAZAAR Cafe pop-up store simultaneously sells "BAZAAR Cafe × Heiwo Special Filtered Coffee" at Heiwo Coffee's physical stores and online stores in Taiwan. Each box will contain 4 black humorous quotations!

Buy now

Introduction to filter coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯


Roast Level|Medium Light

Processing Method|Washed

Tasting Notes|Floral scent, Lemon, Tangerine, Tropical fruit

▲「BAZAAR Cafe × Blackwater blended filter gift box coffeeIt has a rich floral and lemon scent, and the taste has a bright acid value; the layers are distinct, and the unique lemon scent can be felt from sour to sweet.

BAZAAR café Black Wave concept store punches in to send BAZAAR environmental protection cup
【bazaar cafe】快閃店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

Just take a picture of the BAZAAR café style store, quotation cup or filter bag at the BAZAAR café black wave concept store (Heiwo Coffee Weixiu store), punch in and share it to IG or FB @Harper'sBazaarTaiwan, and mark #BAZAARcafe #Explore Harper In daily life, just show your phone screen to get a limited edition BAZAAR eco-friendly cup at the counter!


1. During the event, please set the account public.

2. The eco-friendly cup is a limited-edition product, and the quantity is limited, while stocks last.

3. Harper’s BAZAAR reserves the right to modify the details of the event.

BAZAAR café online check-in gift

【bazaar cafe】快閃店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

Step 1:During the event, take photos with the BAZAAR café limited quotation cup and filter bag, punch in and upload to IG or FB.

Step 2:The post is set to be public @Harper’sBazaarTaiwan, and marked with #BAZAARcafe, #Explore Harper Life, you are eligible to participate! After the event, an "Editor-in-Chief Selection Award" will be selected from the punch-in photos.

Editor-in-Chief’s Choice Award|YOBYBO CARD20 The world’s thinnest and lightest wireless Bluetooth headset (market price 4,290 yuan)

BAZAAR café online event
【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

Activity time: from now until 23:59 on September 6

Activity method:

STEP 1: Participate in the "BAZAAR Black and White Talk" interactive game Click me to play the game

STEP 2: Fill in the activity form information

STEP 3: Share the screenshot of your "Black and White Talking Results Picture" to the comment area of this post and tag a friend

STEP 4: Follow Harper's Bazaar Taiwan fan group

Event Awards: Harper's BAZAAR X Heiwo Coffee Filter Bag Gift Box*1, a total of 12 winners

*For the award announcement, please refer to Harper's BAZAAR Taiwan FB/IG

IG please click me FB please click me

BAZAAR café address details

【bazaar cafe】期間限定店進駐信義區!攜手黑沃咖啡打造「語錄濾掛咖啡」、串聯全台門市推出限定杯

Phone: 02-2722-9801

Address: A17, No. 20, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (behind Xinyi Vision Show)

Business hours: 08:00-20:00

Business Date: August 3-September 6, 2020


Reporting officehttps://www.harpersbazaar.com/tw/culture/lifestyle/g33495072/bazaar-cafe-2020/

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