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Resigned at the age of 40 to start a business and determined to build a fine coffee kingdom! Lin Peini, CEO of Heiwo Coffee — Harper's Bazaar

Published date : 2020-08-03

Resigned at the age of 40 to start a business and determined to build a fine coffee kingdom!

Lin Peini, Chief Executive Officer of Heiwo Coffee: "Starting a business is like making a film, with directors and actors in place."
Having traveled through well-known coffee producing regions such as Peru, Brazil, and Central America, she became addicted to coffee and determined to devote herself to the specialty coffee business.

"Epidemic prevention limited filter coffee pods" turn the crisis into a turning point

"Heiwo Coffee" started in Taichung in 2016 with the goal of creating a specialty coffee kingdom. It currently has 36 branches. In addition to offline coffee takeaway stores and boutiques, it also sells filter coffee pods and specialty coffee in online stores. Bean, the territory of the specialty coffee kingdom is already distributed all over Taiwan. However, due to the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, many franchised shop owners have revealed uneasy messages. However, the Heiwo Coffee team led by Lin Peini did not limit their imagination. Instead, they led the team to make "epidemic prevention limited filter coffee bags" and send them to the health service department. Cheer up, the outer package is printed with "Thank you for protecting everyone, come on!" and other cheering slogans, so unexpectedly it became popular at the epidemic prevention press conference. And this echoes the entrepreneurial philosophy that Lin Peini has always insisted: "I think of entrepreneurship as a filmmaking, and imagine that I am a director. When faced with different timings, I must let the actors use their acting skills to the fullest in order to direct this play. Better and more brilliant.” Lin Peini led the Heiwo Coffee team to do what should be done, turning the crisis into an opportunity, showing her ability to work quickly and accurately in private.

Coffee addiction decided to quit his job at the age of 40 to start a business40歲辭職創業打造精品咖啡王國!黑沃咖啡執行長林佩霓分享創業歷程Image source: PENNY provided

Lin Peini: "When I was forty years old, I already knew clearly what I wanted and what I liked."

Lin Peini, who is addicted to coffee, has visited Peru, Brazil, Central America and other well-known coffee producing regions before founding Heiwo Coffee, because coffee is not only an interest for her, but understanding coffee is a very important part of her life. This important enjoyment also contributed to her determination to devote herself to the specialty coffee business. Lin Peini not only created Heiwo Coffee to combine work and interest, but also hoped that Taiwanese specialty coffee could be brought to the world stage.

Entrepreneurship emphasizes genuine goods at a fair price, and don't put CP value first

Image source: PENNY provided
In addition to being addicted to coffee, Lin Peini is also obsessed with wine. She is also quite researched in wine, and integrates the way of tasting wine into coffee, creating a unique set of "coffee consultation" for Heiwo coffee, allowing every coffee partner to learn customized coffee selection and create an exclusive cup for guests Because of his coffee taste, customers who follow the aroma of coffee know that "Heiwo Coffee has your coffee."

In addition, Lin Peini mentioned that the so-called "CP value, the cheaper the better" is actually impossible. In her business philosophy, she believes that there should be as much value as it is, because Heiwo Coffee emphasizes It is "genuine at a fair price."

Lin Peini: "Even if I just eat stinky tofu, I still have to eat delicious stinky tofu. It's not a question of price, but whether it's in place or not."

Entrepreneurship is about timing. There is no so-called age frame

40歲辭職創業打造精品咖啡王國!黑沃咖啡執行長林佩霓分享創業歷程Image source: PENNY provided

As an entrepreneur, Lin Peini believes that 40 years old is not a framework for girls in the workplace, and even whether it is 20, 30 or 40 to start a business, it is actually just a matter of timing.

Lin Peini said: "When most people are 20 years old, I think most of them are studying, trying new things, and then trying new things. I think it’s good to ask for help, work part-time, or simply study at the age of 30. When I was 10 years old, I felt that I was looking for a goal, what are you doing, what do you like, and whether it’s suitable for you; but when I reach 40, I think it’s an age to set a goal and move forward. However, no matter what age, I actually start a business. What I want is a "timing point", as long as I have a good opportunity, I think I can start a business!"

Lin Peini, who is determined to create Heiwo Coffee, not only dreams of owning a brand that he leads, and instilling ideas and concepts into the brand, but also because he has accumulated enough contacts, resources and experience at the age of 40.

"Entrepreneurship can't be done alone, but lead a group of people forward together."

Image source: PENNY provided
There are many forms of entrepreneurship, but for Lin Peini, it is a team battle! She is very passionate about coffee and is also a cup tester. So although she only took a bean seeker and five roasters and decided to start Heiwo Coffee, she knew that when she was walking with a group of people If you want to go long-term, every step forward must be steady to go better. Therefore, it is difficult to have one's own time in the early stage of entrepreneurship. It is commonplace to discuss business affairs until two o'clock in the morning, but it also allows him to move forward steadily. Attract more and more franchise shop owners who are willing to believe him!

Lin Peini: "It's really important for me to find the right partner and a group of people to move forward at the same pace."

Young entrepreneurs should bravely sprint
Image source: PENNY provided
Lin Peini: "My personality has always challenged my limits since I was young. I want to know how much I can achieve in such a short period of time. Then, whether it is time, physical strength or mental strength, I think I will Use it to the extreme.

So I think if young people want to start a business, they should sprint boldly. At this time, they have good physical strength and their brains need to absorb a lot of different knowledge like a sponge. Even failure is the nutrient for future success. You must learn to fail before you have the opportunity to be successful. Success in the future! "

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