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Coffee Raiders opened 35 stores in 1/3 years and earned hundreds of millions of dollars. They also entered the presidential plane in the small 7

Published date : 2020-07-31

Lin Peini, who liked to make coffee when she was in college, returned to her original aspirations and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship after more than ten years of hard work in different industries. (Photo/Photo by Huang Weibin)
Bulletproof coffee has set off an upsurge in the world in recent years, and even Dan Brown, the author of the well-known best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Code", also loves it. After Uni-President launched a limited edition "CITY CAFE Bulletproof Coffee" at the beginning of the year, on July 1st, it co-branded with the specialty coffee "Heiwo Coffee" (Heiwo), and put on the shelves 45 yuan per bottle of bulletproof coffee, showing that it is quite optimistic about the "post-epidemic era". "The health trend."

Lin Peini, the 45-year-old head of Heiwo Coffee, only entered the business 11 years ago. It opened three years ago. Now there are 7 directly-operated stores and 28 franchised stores. It has also entered 5,000 unified supermarkets across Taiwan and has broken annual revenue. Billion yuan, fast and crazy play, so that the industry can not ignore. A Taiwanese coffee chain operator said: "Heiwo's ambition is very strong, so it will grow rapidly in a short period of time."

Bulletproof coffee, which is on the shelves of 5,000 Uni-Presidents across Taiwan, is the first item that Heiwo and Uni-President have cooperated. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook)

"I went to visit a friend who worked at China Airlines to see if I could become a supplier of on-board spare parts, and soon received a call saying, "I only need a small amount of coffee hanging ear bags." Of course I said yes, but I didn't expect it to be 2017. The presidential plane of "Pacific AIA Journey" will be used." Lin Peini, a petite-headed man, uttered an incredible entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017, President Tsai Ing-wen visited Pacific AIA, and the coffee gift box on the special plane was provided by Heiwo. (Photo/Photo of Newspaper, provided by Heiwo)

Reporting office:https://www.ctwant.com/article/64681

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