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Heiwo Coffee launches Taichung and moves north to Zhubei City with high income — Business Times

Published date : 2017-09-03

Heiwo Coffee opened four branches in Taichung in less than a year, and opened its fifth branch in Taichung for the first time, and finalized the high-income location in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County.

Heiwo Coffee CEO Lin Peini said that in less than a year since its establishment in November last year, the fifth store is located in Zhubei City, the highest-income region in Taiwan, to expand the top consumer group.

Lin Peini herself is also an international sommelier and cup tester. She said that Heiwo is different from the traditional coffee industry, not only making top specialty coffee, but also combining top wines from all over the world as a specialty coffee wine market.

Heiwo was co-founded by 5 international roasters, 1 cup tester, and 1 bean seeker at the initial stage of its business, and then contracted with world champion coffee farmer Graciano Cruz in Panama, and established a roasting factory in Taichung. At present, it has A team of 12 SCA international roasters provide a "one-stop" service from the import of raw materials from the origin, roasting to retail sales.

Reporting office:https://m.ctee.com.tw/livenews/aj/09032017093244165

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