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The world’s top 5 champion coffees, one drink at a time — Apple Instant

Published date : 2018-02-27

I have heard about wine tasting and tea tasting, but I rarely hear about coffee tasting. Heiwo, which opened 9 stores in Taiwan a year after its establishment, is run by 12 roasters, cup testers and Panama Manor with international licenses. Select a coffee shop jointly run by a bean master and launch a coffee tasting event (1800 yuan / 2 people, reservation required 1 week in advance, limited to 3 stores in Zhubei and Taiwanese scholars and senior engineers), so that you can drink Sofia in Panama, a strong coffee country. 5 kinds of champion beans from 5 big estates including, Elida, Cotovar, Jade and Flat Bamboo. These 5 champion beans are all champion beans evaluated by the world-recognized Best of Panama (BOP).

Lin Peini, the owner, said: "All good coffee, when you don’t drink it alone, it tastes good, but you may not be able to clearly distinguish the slight difference between this good coffee and another good coffee." She pointed out that she has a wine tasting license. Coffee is the same as wine tasting. It comes from different countries, different plots, and different planting climates. The beans that are grown are different, plus the influence of conditions such as sun exposure, water washing, honey treatment and baking depth, etc., drink it The taste will be somewhat different. She hopes that by tasting the champion beans of the top 5 top estates at one time, people who love coffee can clearly appreciate the shock of their completely different tastes.

Guest Luo Yupei said that it was very interesting to participate in such an event for the first time, because I can taste coffee beans from different estates and different flavors at the same time. I think it is a great tasting experience. Another guest, Pan Zhiqiao, said that it is rare to drink so many different good coffees at one time at home. Through tasting activities, drinking five champion beans at a time is very enjoyable.

A barista with 2 or 30 years of roasting experience declined to be named and said that the BOP selected green beans, but the guests drank the roasted beans. No matter how good the green beans are, they may fail if the roasting technique is not in place. The good quality of champion raw beans. And if it is poorly baked, you may experience heart palpitations and discomfort if you drink 5 cups at a time, so be careful. (Liao Yuru/Report from Taichung)

Heiwo Coffee
Representative number (04) 2262-4040
Panama’s top 5 estate champion soy drink / 1800 yuan for 2 people
Need to make an appointment 1 week in advance
The event is limited to Taipei Visho Store, Taichung Gaogong Store, Bachelor Store, Wenxin Store and Hsinchu Zhubei Store
Heiwo Coffee launches a coffee tasting event where you can drink 5 champion beans once, as long as you grab 2 people and make an appointment 1 week in advance. Photo by Liao Yuru
Tasting Coffee carefully selects five well-known estates in Panama, and the champion beans of this year and last year are used for tasting beans. Photo by Liao Yuru
Coffee beans are freshly ground and brewed by hand. You can feel the charm of coffee by smelling and drinking. Photo by Liao Yuru
Pan Zhiqiao, who came to participate in the coffee tasting event, felt happy to drink 5 champion coffees at once. Photo by Liao Yuru
By tasting tea cup by cup, you can appreciate the subtle and delicate differences between different champion beans. Photo by Liao Yuru
Lin Peini, the proprietress of Heiwo Coffee, has a professional license and is good at coffee tasting. She is also a wine expert. Photo by Liao Yuru

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