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Heiwo Coffee launches Taiwan’s first "Mazu Latte" — Business Times

Published date : 2018-04-09

Dajia Mazu is expected to detour at 11pm this Friday (13th). Heiwo Coffee is a souvenir business opportunity. Following the joint launch of the "Dajia Mazu Coffee Hanging Ear Bag" in 2017 with Dajia Zhenlan Palace, After being highly acclaimed, today, Taiwan’s first "Mazu Latte", drawn by Chen Haoyuan, the third runner-up in Taiwan Lahua, was released again today, offering the most sincere blessings to Mazu in Dajia.

Lin Peini, founder of Heiwo Coffee, said that at the scene of Dajia Ma's detour, the public would have a chance to get a limited amount of Mazu latte as long as they walked 3 holy grails in a row.

Lin Peini said that in 2017, he and Dajia Zhenlan Palace jointly launched the "Dajia Mazu Coffee Hanging Ear Bag", which was limited to 3,000 boxes and finally sold out; this year's sales volume is estimated to be 5,000 boxes.

Heiwo Coffee used a large-scale mobile coffee cart during the Dajia Mazu Boundary Movement last year to brew coffee at designated locations around the border for free tasting by the public. Last year, a total of about 20,000 cups of safe coffee were sent out; this year, the mobile coffee cart is expected to be dispatched again. Coffee is brewed at Xiluo Daqiaotou on April 15 and at Fengtian Temple in Chiayi on April 17th. Coffee is freely available to the public. In addition to Mazu latte, there are also freshly brewed ground coffee and ice-cold nitrogen coffee. Thousands of cups of safe coffee, cheering for the believers in the detour.

The Dajia Mazu circumnavigation event often encourages the participation of millions of believers across Taiwan. This time, Heiwo Coffee is not absent and more innovative. It combines Taiwanese cultural elements to make super-large sumographs, organize draws to give gifts and fun activities, and stir up the atmosphere.

Lin Peini said that during the Dajia Mazu circumvention, you can exchange for a cup of Mazu latte when you buy a gift box of Dajia Mazu coffee hanging ear bag for 350 yuan at the Heiwo Taichung High-tech Store, Bachelor Store, and Wenxin Store. She said gratefully that because of Mazu’s blessing, Heiwo Coffee had only 5 branches in Taiwan last year. Today, the whole Taiwan has expanded to 12 chain franchise stores, and they are still on display.

Reporting office:https://m.ctee.com.tw/livenews/aj/20180409003564-260410

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