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Heiwo's first cultural and creative coffee gift box combining playing cards and coffee elements — China Daily

Published date : 2018-03-08

Heiwo is the first cultural and creative coffee gift box that combines playing cards and coffee elements. (Photo by reporter Yang Wenlin)

Heiwo Coffee, which is famous for its presidential coffee, has a new initiative. It is the first cultural and creative coffee gift box that combines playing cards and coffee elements. There are 54 different flavors of coffee in one box. The first wave of limited 1000 boxes has been sold in seconds. One thousand more boxes are released.

Heiwo Coffee boarded the presidential plane before attacking and presented the strongest "poker ear-hanging coffee gift box" on the surface. Using the concept of culture and creativity combined with playing card elements, it designed 54 different flavors of coffee, 52 cards plus 2 cards. Sun brand and moon brand, covering the four elements of coffee roasting technology (fire), brewing water temperature (water), blending ratio (wind), planting place (soil), 3 types of coffee after sun exposure, water washing, and honey treatment The processing method uses scientific theories to analyze deep roasting, shallow roasting and water temperature control of brewing variables to create a diversified coffee flavor.

Lin Peini, founder of Heiwo Coffee, said that in order to allow consumers to feel the changes in different roasting techniques, brewing water temperature, coffee bean blending ratio, and planting origin with their taste, the team took several months to develop this With 54 types of coffee with different flavors, consumers can match coffees with different colors and flavors according to their daily mood, so as to add more fun in life while enjoying delicious flavors.

Reporting office:http://cdns.com.tw/news.php?n_id=7&nc_id=217045
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