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Heiwo Coffee Introduced Smart Coffee Machine — Business Times

Published date : 2018-02-07

Taichung's well-known brand "Heiwo Coffee" Xinyi Wei Show opened. Picture/provided by industry

The well-known brand of Taichung "Heiwo Coffee" was rated as one of the five most worth visiting cafes in Taiwan in 2017 by a well-known magazine. Recently, it has successfully entered the Xinyi District of Taipei. The most eye-catching ones are the two exclusive coffees introduced in Taiwan. The machine superstar, first of all, is a high-function automatic hand brewing coffee machine. The brewing parameters are set through the smart panel, and the brewing curve of the world hand brewing champion is specially simulated to extract a perfect and technological hand brewing coffee.

Another pioneering work is to pay a lot of money to hire Apple from the coffee machine industry. The Mavam espresso machine has a simple and stylish design that allows guests to see the coffee brewing process at the bar, and narrows the distance between the guests and the barista.

Heiwo Coffee enables consumers to find a balance of life in a compact pace through various delicate and ingenious ideas, which is also a manifestation of the brand's persistence in coffee.

Reporting office:https://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20180207000585-260210?chdtv
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