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Coffee on the Presidential Plane, I can drink it in Taichung — Free Times

Published date : 2017-11-13

Heiwo Coffee's products (left) were on the presidential plane, and the product on the right was awarded as one of the top ten souvenirs in Taichung. (Photo by reporter Zhang Jingya)

[Reporter Zhang Jingya / Taichung Report] President Tsai Ing-Fu ended his Pacific Friendship Tour. The coffee pods provided by the President’s plane came from the "Heiwo" coffee in Taichung City. Lin Pei Ni, the industry operator, had no idea that his product would be on the President’s plane beforehand. A friend on the special plane took a photo, which made her startled. She said that it is quite glorious for her own coffee to be scented from Taiwan to AIA.
Whenever heads of state visit, in addition to political news, people are also very concerned about what the president’s special plane ate during the itinerary and whether there is a chance to taste it. The most famous one during this Pacific AIA trip was the "Oriental Beauty Soup" designed by Michelin chef Jiang Zhencheng. If people want to taste it, they may have to wait for Jiang Zhencheng to open a restaurant in Taiwan.

The coffee pods on the presidential plane are from Heiwo coffee, which has just won the top ten souvenirs in Taichung this year. Lin Peini said that this coffee pod is designed for the first class and business class of China Airlines. The recipe specially prepared by Jiang Chengzhe, runner-up of the World Roasting Beans Contest; China Airlines only told her beforehand that important people from the country should charter special planes for visits, and ask her to provide high-quality coffee, and it must be kept confidential.

Lin Peini thought for a while. It was the president who had chartered a "national figure" recently. It happened that there was a friend on the presidential plane. After verification, she confirmed that her coffee was on the presidential plane. She said that this coffee does not cost 100 yuan per cup, and it can be said to be the civilian food on the presidential plane this time.

The coffee pods provided on the Pacific AIA Journey plane are from Taichung. (Picture provided by Heiwo Coffee)

Reporting office:https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/2252230

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