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20,000 people voted 2017 Taichung's top ten souvenirs released — Liberty Times

Published date : 2017-09-17

Winners of the Top Ten Taichung Souvenirs took a group photo with medals. (Photo by reporter Zhang Jingya)

[Reporter Zhang Jingya/Taichung Report] After two days of popular vote, the list of the top ten Taichung souvenirs this year was announced this evening. The event attracted a total of 20,000 people to participate. Not only did it choose the gift that best represented Taichung, but also The manufacturer brought 2 million yuan in performance.
The Top Ten Taichung Souvenirs were held by the Taichung City Industrial Policy Association. This year, a total of 156 manufacturers signed up. After expert review, 100 manufacturers were selected to enter the final election. Yesterday and today, a popular vote was held in Taichung Park. In order to win the recognition of the public, manufacturers all resorted to trying to get votes. In addition to tasting, giving small gifts, and offering shopping discounts, many people took the opportunity to purchase Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes, and the total performance in the two days reached 2 million yuan.

Cai Shiyin, director-general of the Industrial Policy Council, said that 20,000 ballots were prepared this year. The original voting time was until 3 pm today, but all the votes were collected at 2 pm. Many of the products prepared by the industry were sold out, so they had to close the stalls earlier to show the activities. Effectively stimulate buying.

Deputy Mayor Lin Lingsan was present to present the awards and said that the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and the people want to give gifts. Ten souvenirs are the best choice; in addition, the Taichung World Flower Expo will be on the scene next year. There will be many foreign guests visiting. Opportunity to buy souvenirs with Taiwanese characteristics, and city government gifts can also choose products from award-winning manufacturers.

The top ten souvenirs this year are Shangmeng Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiujiujin Cheese and Fruit Handicraft Workshop, Yule Big World Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., A Congshi's pastry ideas, Mushroom God Co., Ltd., Heiwo Coffee, and Jiaweixuan Food Co., Ltd. Company, Fortune Ornament Studio, Xiyuan Cake and Baodao Xunzhang Industrial Co., Ltd. At the same time, 3 halal awards for high-quality, 6 for the best popularity award, 1 for the jury award, and 6 for the Golden Mouth Award were selected at the same time.

In addition, Jiaweixuan provided 100 kilograms of Huabo golden cakes, and the Water Source Cultural and Educational Foundation-Taipinglan provided large-scale bat blue dyed hanging scrolls. They were sold for 60,000 yuan each, plus the proceeds from the two-day event. The total is Donated RMB 230,000 to Hongdao Welfare Foundation for the Elderly.

At the Taichung Top Ten Souvenirs Voting Event, a 100-jin Huabo gold cake was sold for charity. (Photo by reporter Zhang Jingya)

Heiwo Coffee has become the top ten souvenirs in Taichung. (Photo by reporter Zhang Jingya)

Reporting office:https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/2196381
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