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Lin Peini has a unique taste, designated visit by the owner of the champion coffee bean — Business Times

Published date : 2016-11-16

Lin Peini, the founder of "Heiwo Coffee", has successively obtained certifications such as certified appraiser from the International Coffee Quality Agency and Coffee Roaster of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). (Photo/Zeng Lifang)

Lin Peini said that Heiwo Coffee often tests various coffees, trying to find the best coffee for everyone. (Photo/Zeng Lifang)

The green Geisha coffee beans produced by Elida Coffee Farm in Panama won the world’s top coffee bean contest the highest glory BOP (Best of panama) champion this year, and the price per pound is NT$9,000! The owner Wilford Lamastus, who is the supreme chairman of the BOP, visited Taiwan on behalf of the Panama Coffee Association. He named the "Heiwo Coffee" in Taichung at the first stop. Today (16), it not only attracted a large number of noble ladies to smell the fragrance and name the champion coffee. It also made the "Heiwo Coffee" brand famous.

In fact, the founder of "Heiwo Coffee", Lin Peini has successively obtained the international coffee quality agency certification appraiser, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) coffee roaster level 1 certificate, the SCAA coffee bar master level 1 certificate, and the most difficult The SCAA professional lecturer and other certifications, combined with Taiwanese roast bean champion Jiang Chengzhe (the world's second) and other 7 professional roasters, created the "Heiwo Coffee" featuring selected raw beans and professionally roasted high-quality beans.

Because of the insistence on quality, with the help of bean seeker Ben Briggs, Heiwo Coffee introduces fine coffee beans from all over the world to share with coffee; Heiwo's team often provides customized services for regular customers, tailored to their individual Flavored specialty coffee. Because of this unique service, Heiwo Coffee not only attracts the attention of coffee lovers, but also unexpectedly becomes a private coffee base for ladies.

In order to find the highest quality coffee beans from all over the world, Lin Peini and bean seeker Ben Briggs often travel around the world’s coffee production areas. When visiting Central and South America in 2015, Lin Peini accidentally tasted a coffee cup in a coffee cup test in Taiwan. The amazing coffee, "delicate sweet floral fragrance, full taste of fruity notes", made her unforgettable for a long time, insisting that she must find this coffee farm.

At the recommendation of a friend, Lin Peini met Wilford Lamastus, the owner of Elida Coffee Estate in Panama, visited his coffee garden in private, and tried many good-quality coffee beans. Unexpectedly, less than a year later, the "Gishia" green coffee beans produced by Elida Coffee Estate won the world's top coffee bean competition, the highest honor BOP (Best of panama) champion.

After winning the award, the owner, Wilford Lamastus, was invited to serve as the top chairman of the BOP and visited Taiwan on behalf of the Panama Coffee Association. He went to Taiwan to conduct national diplomacy in the coffee industry. Today, he made a special trip to "Heiwo Coffee" on Gaogong Road in Taichung City.

Wilford Lamastus said that he came to Taiwan to visit Lin Peini this time to express his admiration and gratitude for her unique keen sense of taste and cup-testing ability. He believes that "Heiwo Coffee is under the cooperation of Lin Peini and so many professional roasters. It is an ordinary coffee bean, and it can fully show its unique original flavor."

Lin Peini said that the Geisha Green Tip Natural coffee beans grown at Elida Estate won the 2016 "Best Panama Green Beans Auction" (BOP) Geisha Washed champion. The international judges gave The incredible score of 94.15 not only set the highest score in the history of BOP, but the batch of green beans was also in the international bidding arena. At a sky-high price of about NT$9,000 per pound, it set a record for Geisha Washed in the history of BOP. The highest price record, the 2016 All-Japan Barista Competition champion, also won the championship with coffee beans produced by Elida Estate.

However, Lin Peini said that the price of this year's champion beans is too high and very popular. Heiwo Coffee only obtained 500g of raw beans (non-competitive champion beans) harvested at the same time as the champion beans in the same producing area, but the owner Wilford Lamastus has agreed. , Will provide Heiwo Coffee with coffee beans also produced in his estate, so that coffee lovers in Taiwan will also have the opportunity to taste the fruits of his hard work.

Reporting office:https://m.ctee.com.tw/livenews/ch/20161116004421-260405
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