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Heiwo coffee became famous after epidemic, mature woman holding Heijin 35 store, annual revenue exceeded 100 million — Apple Instant

Published date : 2020-04-19

Lin Peini (right) bought a coffee plantation in Panama to provide high-quality coffee beans for his Heiwo coffee brand. Lin Peini provides

"I don’t know how to thank the staff of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, so I decided to print the cheering words on the coffee packaging." The local brand "Heiwo Coffee" previously printed 2,000 with "You get the coffee first, I drink coffee first" and " The virus goes away, your coffee is blessed by me." Packaged coffee with slogans such as "I will bless your coffee" was given to the anti-epidemic team led by Minister of Health and Fu, Chen Shizhong. Unexpectedly, it was accidentally exposed and became popular overnight. Founder Lin Peini (45) said The origin of the first Xie: "Everything is grateful."

Step into the founding shop of "Heiwo Coffee" on Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung City. The 28-square-meter space is filled with coffee beans from all over the world and coffee-related products combined with cultural and creative products. "Come on and cheer" version, especially printed "Mazu wears a mask", "Kizo Wang washes hands frequently", "Jesus spray alcohol" cute creative packaging, available to the public free of charge on the Internet, intimate reminders of the importance of epidemic prevention.
Recruiting young people in their 20s has been Lin Peini’s persistence since she started her business. She, nicknamed "Sister Pei" by employees, exudes a sense of heroism. Although she is nearly 20 years old from its employees, she has no barriers to getting along with her. Because of an open mind, Lin Peini confessed generously, "At my age, there is really no way to think about new things. On the contrary, young people don’t know where to come up with a lot of ideas, but they are amazing."
Heiwo Coffee, which was established in October 2016, has 7 directly-managed and 28 franchised stores in Taiwan so far. Last year’s total turnover exceeded 100 million. Combining coffee with cultural and creative industries, Lin Peini has made a breakthrough in the contending coffee market. A bloody road.
Lin Peini was born in a political family, and her mother was former city councillor Lin Zhang Jiumei. She did not follow her 2 sisters and 1 brother to follow her mother on the road to politics. She was a maverick and studied drama, but after graduation, she was anxious to get the testimony of land and clinker. I was admitted to the 921 earthquake that year, and 3 houses were signed and 3 houses collapsed. Later, he switched to foreclosure and became an investor. As soon as he entered the business, he encountered the combined real estate tax and hit the road. The house price dropped to the lowest point. Ke once fell to only 30,000 yuan per ping; she became an insurance clerk again, specializing in serving high-asset groups, with an annual income of up to 5 million yuan, "but starting from 0 every day, it feels meaningless", looking at the big bosses. Everyone has his own business, and the seeds of entrepreneurship sprout quietly in my heart.
"For the previous occupations, the annual income can be more than 5 million yuan, but every day starts from zero, and the next day after the transaction, it is zero again. I don't want this. I hope that I can lay a foundation for accumulation and have a good reputation for business. The brand can always follow me", so I planted the dream of entrepreneurship.
Lin Peini pursued her dream with practical actions. She loved coffee when she was young. She spent 7 years obtaining the SCA Specialty Coffee Association lecturer certificate. She also has the qualifications of cup tester and sommelier, and went straight to Panama to find high-quality products. Coffee beans raw materials, even bought several hectares of land directly in Panama. Because the idea of ​​Graciano Cruz, who later became the owner of "Heiwo Manor" and the inventor of coffee honey processing, hit it off, the two sides began to cooperate, and now they have even more. Raw material resources from more than 100 production areas around the world provide customers with different choices.

The brand was not well-known at the beginning of its establishment. Lin Peini, who believed in Mazu, even carried a bean-baking machine with his colleagues, went to participate in the Dajia Mazu circumnavigation, walked with the believers for 9 days and 8 nights, and spontaneously served up to 20,000 coffee to the believers. Cup, it has lasted for 3 years. Or maybe Mazu is really blessed. Heiwo Coffee has been established for more than three years. Lin Peini believes that he has encountered many noble people to help, including boarding the presidential plane. It was completely unexpected. "I thought I was just being invited to provide coffee. The flight attendants were just blindly tested, and they were selected without expectation."
This time, the popular epidemic prevention coffee pods also brought an unexpectedly high exposure to Heiwo Coffee. She modestly said: "Over the past three years, many people who really like coffee have come to us and helped us do it. Some show up."

But in fact, Heiwo Coffee opened six stores in the first year of its establishment. In addition to the support of family friends, three different types of stores were designed to attack the market from the beginning. This is the main key to success, including combining teaching services. At present, the raw material-based store has a stable monthly turnover of about 1 million. There are also tasting shops in Hsinchu that combine coffee and wine. The largest number is the small take-out store in Pings, with a stable revenue of about 40 per month. ~500,000 yuan, "We copied the external stores as a franchise module, and the number of exhibition stores has grown rapidly in a short period of time."

"Many people actually have the dream of opening a coffee shop, but opening one actually costs a lot of money and energy, and because the unit price is not high, you may not be able to make a profit," Lin Peini sighed.
At that time, Heiwo Coffee started to recruit franchisees after opening three "testing water temperature". Based on the successful take-out shop management experience, he would hope that franchisees will open in a business-oriented area with a floor area of ​​about 15 pings. , The current franchise fee is 1.88 million yuan, including all equipment decoration and 15 days of franchise training. For those young people who are interested in coffee to talk about franchising, it provides front-end raw material supply and education training, which not only reduces investor risks, but also Let them manage their customers well at the back end, "it is different from joining beverage stores with too high homogeneity, because drinking habits are difficult to change. We rely on stable quality to carry out a long-term business war."
Heiwo Coffee, which has completed the phased task of "Taiwan in three years", has originally been exported to more than 20 countries. Therefore, this year’s plan is to follow its international expansion plan. It is expected to open stores in Vietnam in March, contact the United States in May, and open stores in June before the Tokyo Olympics in Japan. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the original plan had to be postponed.
Fortunately, Lin Peini, who has always turned a crisis into a turnaround, has now doubled the number of online inquiries for Heiwo Coffee because of the epidemic prevention coffee, which allows them to see the possibilities brought about by the "home economy". Lin Peini said with emotion: "When everyone is conservative, I will continue to move forward, so that I can find my own way even in bad conditions." (Chen Yujun/Taichung Report)

Lin Peini and Heiwo Coffee, which he founded, have recently aroused a lot of attention with the "anti-epidemic coffee". Photo by Chen Hengfang

Lin Peni visited Panama in person to find high-quality coffee. Provided by Lin Pei Ni

Lin Peini (middle) took a photo with her mother, Lin Zhang Jiumei (right) when she was a child. Provided by Lin Pei Ni

Lin Peini (left) and Graciano Cruz (right), the inventor of coffee honey processing, hit it off to create a coffee business together. Provided by Lin Pei Ni

These ear-hanging coffees that were originally sent privately to cheer up the health service personnel were exposed to reporters by Chen Shizhong and became popular. Photo by Chen Hengfang

In the founding store, coffee beans from all over the world and cultural and creative products of Heiwo Coffee are placed. Photo by Chen Hengfang

Heiwo Coffee also created a special "coffee consultation", which allows customers to know what kind of coffee is best for them. Photo by Chen Hengfang

Heiwo Coffee's creative new product "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" won the Taichung Bubble Tea Festival in one fell swoop. Photo by Chen Hengfang

This is the filter coffee that boarded the presidential plane. Photo by Chen Hengfang

Since the founder Lin Peini believes in Mazu, he has spontaneously participated in the Dajia Ma Circumference for three consecutive years and served 20,000 cups of coffee. Heiwo Coffee has also produced Mazu-related products. Photo by Chen Hengfang

Heiwo Coffee also has special Mazu garland, which is very special. Photo by Chen Hengfang

Heiwo Coffee provides professional cupping training for employees. Photo by Chen Hengfang

Lin Peini (middle), who is privately amiable like a big sister, turns back into a serious decision maker when meeting with employees. Photo by Chen Hengfang

The founding shop of Heiwo Coffee on Gaogong Road, South District, Taichung City. Photo by Chen Hengfang

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