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Female power traits, marching forward courageously on the road to entrepreneurship — the digital age

Published date : 2019-12-30

Women's entrepreneurship has become a new force in the industry, even in the male-dominated industry. The winners of the "Eighth Female Entrepreneurship Elite Competition" showed up and shared how they use their emotional and tender qualities to lead the continuous growth of the company.

The five female entrepreneurs Feiyan Project winners come from different backgrounds and face different challenges, but the common characteristics are to maintain enthusiasm, innovation and professionalism, and have the courage to take risks.

Have the courage to break through gender stereotypes
Huang Manmei, the general manager of Fengxiang Technology, came into contact with the green energy industry because her husband was studying in a master's and doctoral program. Later, the company that her husband served gave up this business project. She adhered to the idea of ​​"I do the right things, others don't do it." Investing in the entrepreneurial circle, hoping to reverse the fate of traditional industries and create a new green energy industry chain.

Fengxiang researches and develops waste organic solvent power generation, wastewater treatment and other technologies. Its customers cover factories such as animal husbandry and paper industry. The employees are mostly men. Huang Manmei gets rid of the gender stereotypes of the industry and acts with a gentle and rational attitude. For example, the lion often speaks loudly. Raising the price too high, and then bargaining again, she insisted on a reasonable quotation, and the customers learned her pragmatic style of work, and the quality service was excellent, so she no longer insisted on bargaining.

"Participating in the elite competition, I want to know where the strength of the company is." She has benefited a lot from the guidance of the professional teacher. The news of the award was exposed, which won the attention of all walks of life and strengthened the customer relationship. "The hard work will pay off!" Huang Manmei happily Said.

Lu Xiangkai, Chief Executive Officer of Espressif Development Engineering, has dual majors in finance and civil engineering. Her father has been deeply involved in maritime engineering for many years. She started her business two years ago as the second-generation successor. She integrated big data to establish a database to record project progress and walrus status, targeting new and old terminals. In the diagnosis and examination, we hope to play the role of a "pier doctor" and improve the overall efficiency of public works in China.

The company team is composed of experienced senior teachers and all men are men. This is a test for her in her early thirties. "I can dive and can carry 30 kilograms of heavy objects, can you?" Lu Xiangkai uses a soft body to resolve the verbal provocations of employees. He goes to the construction site at the earliest every day and pays more attention to integrity. After getting along for a long time, employees recognize that she understands all the details, not an empty title, and gradually recognizes her.

Traditional engineering is relatively unchanged in terms of operation. Since she entered the Feiyan Project Accelerator, she was able to communicate with other industries, absorb new business concepts, and through the guidance of professional teachers, she learned to simply explain the content of the project in the way of "stacking wood", so that the general public can understand The work content of the engineering industry is of great help in promoting communication.

Liu Anli, general manager of Yanxing Communication, is the earliest entrepreneur among the award winners. He was born in journalism. In 1975, he founded the first and oldest professional advertising media agency group in China. From one person to more than one hundred people, the service is up to date. From print, TV to digital media, we adhere to the service concept of "Where the customer is, I will be there." His work has been for more than 40 years.

Early female entrepreneurship is quite rare, especially in the challenging advertising circle. It is commonplace for business to accompany customers to socializing and drinking. Liu Anli does not go with the flow. "I spend my time professionally and serve the needs of customers attentively. Customers can see it." There is no shortage of cooperation. 40-year-old customers, and more customers are gradually growing stronger under its services, becoming a cooperative body for mutual benefit.

Liu Anli laughed and said that advertisers usually hide behind the scenes and regard promoting customer brands as their own achievements. This award is the first time to stand in front of the stage. It is fortunate to meet many outstanding women and see the government's efforts to start businesses for women. He hopes to have the opportunity Able to use his own marketing expertise to contribute to Taiwanese women’s entrepreneurship.

Make good use of the flexible advantages of women to lead
Tan Mingzhu, chairman of Lianbao Electronics, is also a senior entrepreneur. He founded a company specializing in the manufacture of precision transformers 32 years ago. The "LinkCom" brand has expanded into the European and American markets and served high-end customers in the international Netcom industry, and has won recognition from domestic and foreign industry players.

The electronic technology industry was an emerging market more than 30 years ago. Tan Mingzhu was once the only female business in the electronic components industry in Taipei. After starting her business, she took advantage of female flexible leadership and convinced people with her professionalism. In the era without GPS navigation, she drove all-Taiwan delivery on her own. Her driving skills were comparable to those of professional driving. She also trained her physical strength and worked hard enough not to lose to men.

The female affinity traits made Tan Mingzhu meet many noble people who offered to help. She had the opportunity to share her profession without hesitation. She was working as a lecturer in Feiyan Project and tried her out when she learned about the selection of the Female Elite Award, but she did not expect to be selected by Queping. , To communicate with female entrepreneurs from all over the world, let her say that she is too lucky!

Heiwo Catering CEO Lin Peini has many certificates of roaster and cup tester. Three years ago, he started a business with his partners and went to Panama to find high-quality green beans. It hits the spot with the concept of an environmentally friendly organic coffee farm. The company uniform is made of coffee grounds. , Take-out cups are also made of environmentally friendly materials, and the exclusive coffee consultation service is launched to create coffees that are exclusive to customers' tastes. It has accumulated a reputation in the fiercely competitive coffee market bit by bit.

Lin Peini believes that the advantages of female entrepreneurship outweigh the disadvantages. The less convenient part is that they have to go to the coffee production area in person. Some have poor hygiene or lack of water and electricity, and they must pay special attention to their own safety. After receiving the Female Elite Award, they have the national award blessing. What I feel most impressed is the speed of bank loans, and some domestic and foreign manufacturers take the initiative to contact agents or open stores to discuss cooperation." This is a great encouragement to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful ways to realize your ideals and change society. After reading the above cases, do you feel eager to try it? I look forward to more outstanding women joining the ranks of entrepreneurs.

From left to right: Lu Xiangkai, founder of Espressif Development Project, Liu Anli, founder of Yanxing Communication Business, Huang Manmei, general manager of Yanxiang Technology, Lin Peini, CEO of Heiwo Catering, and Tan Mingzhu, chairman of Lianbao Electronics.

Reporting office:https://www.bnext.com.tw/article/56050/female-power-entrepreneurship
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