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Published date : 2020-12-28

Coffee is a beverage that travel cafes drink every day, usually at home hand-made coffee, but sometimes you will find coffee from convenience stores~ After all, it is very convenient. I believe that friends who have read articles about travel cafes should not think about Heiwo coffee. Unfamiliar, today I’m going to introduce the Heiwo Coffee Taichung Dadun branch. Here you can drink the champion coffee, and you can also drink the "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte" that won the Taichung Milk Champion in 2019. Now Heiwo Coffee and Meiji Chocolate co-branded cooperation. As long as there is consumption, Meiji chocolate will be given away. Coffee and chocolate will bring out new flavors.

Heiwo Coffee Taichung Dadun Branch

Heiwo Coffee Taichung Dadun branch is located near Dadun Road and Dadun 16th Street. It feels that there is a lot of competition here, and many coffee chains operate here, which is also a very lively place.

At the entrance of the store, you can see the beverage items provided by the store. You can choose from coffee, special blend, first green tea, milk cover, etc. There is a table indoors and outdoors to sit on, come and relax with afternoon tea!

In-store environment

Heiwo Coffee was established in 2016. It was co-founded by cup testers, bean seekers and five roasters. It is named after the fertile black soil and presents the best coffee to consumers. There is a side right in front of the bar. Coffee Bean Wall, if you have coffee in your hand, it is highly recommended to buy beans to go home and grind them by hand.


There are also paper menus for reference.

At the bar, you can see the discount information of the store. If you are not free to buy coffee, you can also call the delivery platform. It is really very convenient. You can drink delicious coffee wherever you are.

Heiwo Coffee Taichung Dadun Branch also offers dessert cakes for you to choose from. As mentioned above, Heiwo Coffee has a different operation method for each store, so not every store offers desserts.

Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte

It is worthy of being the 2019 champion brown sugar black jade latte. The method is not simple. Spread brown sugar into the rim of the cup, pour milk and add espresso to reconcile it. Finally, add the milk froth on the top to complete it~ Pearl is very similar to the convenience store. It tastes very delicious. The milk tea has a very special coffee taste. The best time to enjoy it is within 15 minutes.

Coffee item

Hand brewed coffee

The most special thing today is hand brewing coffee. This time it’s not hand brewing, it’s the machine brewing it for you! ! ! Wow~ Is it possible to rely on machines for hand punch now?

If you are interested, you can consult with the store. In fact, it is very suitable for small businesses and small companies to buy, and the coffee beans are prepared every month, so you don't need to buy it yourself to save trouble.

The name of this machine is HIRIA | SAMANTHA smart hand brewing coffee machine. It is really special. It can also be connected via mobile phone Bluetooth. Settings such as water temperature can be controlled on the mobile phone.

Although the coffee is made by a robot, it is not fully automatic. Pre-operations such as putting filter paper, soaking filter paper, and grinding coffee powder still need to be done manually.

The hand-made coffee part this time is Panama Aurora Manor Kaduai Soul Sun.

The recommended brewing temperature for coffee is 85~93ºC, the brewing time is 2~4 minutes, the ratio of coffee powder to water is 1:15~18, and the robot hand brewing can also be stuffed, and it will stop after the first water injection ( Stuffed).

Next, you will inject water in stages until the coffee liquid is extracted. Do you know when a series of coffee brewing actions is the most fragrant? That is the most fragrant when grinding and brewing.

By the way, Heiwo Coffee Taichung Dadun Store is half price for the second cup of Heiwo Champion American/Latte every Monday, which will make you full of vitality at the beginning of the week.

In fact, it’s not much difference between the hand-cooking and the robot hand-cooking, but the travel cafe thinks that there is a lack of human temperature~ After all, the barista can chat with the guests for a while during the hand-cup process, and it’s good to cultivate the mood, otherwise the guests sit. Looking at each other at the bar is also embarrassing! Today, this Panama Aurora Manor Kaduai soul is sun-dried. It tastes a bit of orange, with a little sourness, and it is easy to eat. It is also a sour coffee. Drink the coffee in three stages, hot, warm, and cold. I believe You will drink different flavors, but note that if you don’t know which coffee you like, you can ask the clerk first to see if you would like to drink sour or slightly bitter coffee, so that the clerk can help you choose the best flavor.

Meiji Chocolate

Now Heiwo Coffee is co-branded with Meiji Chocolate. As long as you consume a cup of coffee in the store, you can get a piece of Meiji Chocolate. You can enjoy it with coffee. If you check in FB or IG for a limited time, you will get a piece of Meiji Chocolate. The activity starts from 12. Start on /7, and while supplies last, come to Heiwo Coffee for a cup of coffee and have afternoon tea!

Store Information

Address: 408, Dadun Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

Phone: 0423228666

Business hours: 08:00-19:00 (Monday to Friday) / 08:00 to 17:00 (Saturday, Sunday)

HWC Coffee website:http://www.hwcroasters.com/

HWC Coffee FB:https://www.facebook.com/hwcroasters/

HWC Coffee IG:https://www.instagram.com/hwc_roasters/

HWC Coffee Line:https://line.me/ti/p/@hwcroasters

Article sourcehttps://nyscoffee.com/2020/12/28/hwc-dadun/

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