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Kaohsiung cafe recommendation║Heiwo Coffee-Kaohsiung Arena║A super popular cafe from Taichung! You can find a fate coffee that belongs to you through the professional "Consultation Coffee"-Food Inn. Naughty Monkey vs Fat Lion

Published date : 2020-09-30

Wow! I really like this coffee! It is low-key hidden in the alleys of the Kaohsiung Arena business district. This is not a net beauty coffee or a grandiose coffee, but a highly professional coffee "Heiwo Coffee", a brand from Taichung. Here you can enjoy a variety of coffees such as Italian coffee, estate-grade hand coffee, filter coffee, etc., which can satisfy the different preferences of coffee lovers. In addition, the most special thing is that there are coffee consultations through the barista. Professional guidance, blind test and interactive methods, take you to find your favorite destined coffee, it is worth a try!

Heiwo Coffee is low-key hidden on Anji Street in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, not far from the Arena, Ruifeng Night Market, and shopping nearby. If you want to find a place to rest, I really recommend Heiwo Coffee. ! Heiwo Coffee is only a 7-minute walk from the R14 Dome MRT station, and the traffic is very convenient.

I really like the space design of Heiwo Coffee, which is mainly white, with black and gray, and simple style, which gives people extra comfort.

On the merchandise shelf, there are a variety of coffees on display. The choices are very diverse, and you can hunt for treasures if you control coffee!

At present, there are also buy two get one free coffee beans at the same price, which is quite cost-effective. You can also buy coffee beans at Heiwo Coffee, use the bean delivery service, come to the store when you want to drink, and will help you brew coffee for free. For those who drink often, it is definitely more than buying a cup of coffee. Cost-effective.

Visiting on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, there is also a special Mid-Autumn Festival gift box! I'm tired of giving Mid-Autumn Mooncakes, and it seems pretty good to exchange coffee gift boxes this year!

The wild African filter hanging curry gift box, the packaging is also quite exquisite.

In addition to the seating area on the first floor, Heiwo Coffee also has a larger space on the second floor, which is very suitable for business chats, gatherings of three or five friends or small private meetings. It can accommodate about 15-20 people, and there are also Projection equipment is available!

I really like the seat by the window. Sometimes the Fat Lion likes to bring a laptop alone, find a coffee shop, have a cup of coffee and a dessert, start to organize photos and write articles to share my food, drink and fun with everyone, and this area is very suitable A laptop worker like Fat Lion, with a spacious table top, has enough space even if you order two more meals, it will not be crowded, which is really great.

Heiwo Coffee also randomly prepares different coffees every day for the guests who come in. I heard that there are many customers, so I accidentally discovered the New World. Fat Lion should be one of them.

The Ethiopian West Dharma Peach Sweetheart Sunlight G1 I enjoyed this day. This is a very diverse flavor. It is a medium-to-light roasted coffee bean. The flavors of the front, middle, and rear exhibit various changes. Among them, the peach The aroma is penetrating, the layering is obvious, and the acidity is relatively soft. It is very suitable for a girl's coffee bean.

Heiwo Coffee’s menu includes brown sugar and black jade latte, coffee series, black series/wo series champion special, fresh tea drinking series, milk tea series, milk cover series, estate-level hand-made series, chicken rolls and beef rolls... etc. Wait.

Every time I want to drink coffee, it’s convenient for the whole family, 7-11 or Starbucks. I will find a coffee shop with a nice atmosphere to order a cup of coffee and sit down and take a rest. In the past, coffee was just what the store provided. What to drink? If this is not suitable, I will change another one. I have never thought that I can find the exclusive coffee that suits me through interactive games. Yes, everyone has different preferences for aroma, acidity, and bitterness. How do you find the best taste for you? Fat Lion recommends you to try Heiwo Coffee’s "Coffee Consultation" to find your own destined coffee Douyo!

Coffee consultation requires an appointment at least three days before, and the cost is 300 yuan. Professional baristas will guide and interact throughout the whole process. During the process, they will also exchange various coffee expertise with you. It is like a small game to help you find the best Coffee beans suitable for yourself.

Everyone has different feelings and preferences for aroma, acidity, sweetness...etc. Therefore, a professional barista will use two types of coffee to conduct a blind test and let you score. Don’t worry, this score is just pure Like, there is no right or wrong, and in the process, the barista will use his expertise to guide you. Don’t worry about not knowing coffee. Instead, you can learn more about coffee through interaction. It’s really a great experience.

The barista told us that in fact, the flavor of the coffee brewed by each person or each time may not be the same. It depends on the temperature of the water or the way of hand brewing. However, it is also because you can enjoy the ever-changing coffee flavors. The reason for the fascinating.

I usually sit in my seat and chat with friends or directly pick up my laptop to work when I order a meal in a coffee shop. I rarely chat with the store. This time through the coffee consultation, I not only have a deeper understanding of coffee, but also found a lot of it. The barista's expertise and small details.

A total of 3 coffees will be enjoyed during the coffee consultation. The first two are based on blind testing to feel the aroma, acidity, sweetness, fullness, end rhyme, etc., to taste carefully and slowly feel your own preferences.

In the end, after 30 minutes of coffee consultation, I found my destined coffee beans-Heiwo Selection ‧ Golden Award.

Jinshang is a medium-deep roasted coffee bean, with the flavor of chocolate and cream, smooth and smooth taste, and rich layering.

Heiwo Coffee does not ask for medical consultation. It is great to simply drink coffee and eat desserts.

The brown sugar black jade latte has won the "Annual Representative Award" and "Most Popularity Award" at the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival. If you are chewing control and you like brown sugar milk, this fat lion personally recommends it! Use brown sugar and fresh milk to match, presenting irregular patterns, satisfying modern people's preference for taking pictures and punching in. Get this cup of camera to take pictures and punch in IG first! And what’s special is that their pearls are made right now, heated by steam, and it takes only 7 seconds to complete.

Brown sugar black jade latte, in addition to pearls, brown sugar and fresh milk, it also contains carefully selected specialty coffee. Therefore, it tastes sweet with brown sugar, mellow milk, QQ pearls, and the last thing that comes out is coffee. The aroma and the layered texture are very layered, making the impression deep, especially the pearls are very Q, which is quite enjoyable to chew.

Champion American Specialty American/Black, this is a deep-roasted coffee bean with a rich aroma of dark chocolate and nuts. It feels very interesting in the mouth and has a rich layer of taste.

Champion Special Latte/Wo series, this is a shallow coffee bean, just tasted, first felt the rich milky aroma, after entering the throat, the coffee aroma began to emerge, the aroma echoed in the mouth, and it tasted smoothly.

If you don’t drink coffee, Fat Lion also recommends this salt flower milk covered green tea. Fat Lion originally thought that in a professional coffee shop, only coffee might be delicious, and other meals might be popular, but Heiwo Coffee completely subverted This idea of the fat lion.

This salt flower milk covered green tea made me fall in love with the first bite! The green tea with the scent of osmanthus, the tea fragrance is charming, the milk cap on the top is also very smooth and not greasy, with a slight salty taste, which is quite delicious.

Cocoa Ole, using a well-known Italian brand, has a mellow dark chocolate aroma and taste, which belongs to the taste of adults, and is very suitable for cocoa lovers who are not addicted to sweetness.

The Wizard of Oz, frankly speaking, this dessert is the most inconspicuous dessert in the dessert cabinet. Try the taste after the store’s recommendation! Unexpectedly, I fell in love with the entrance! The cream cheese in the middle is very smooth. The most important thing is that it is not sweet and greasy. It will make people unconsciously, bite after bite. After chewing, the aroma and moisture of the grapes are slowly released, adding to the richness of this cake. The most important thing is that there is a balance between cheese and grapes, which is quite recommended.

Earl's raw milk roll, this is a gluten-free cake, the cake is soft and delicate, the raw milk inside it melts in your mouth, and it brings a rich earl scent, delicious and not sweet, even if it is not paired with drinks or coffee, You can also eat a whole piece by yourself.

The blueberry tart, the filling is slightly sweet, smooth and delicate custard sauce, served with the juicy blueberries and the crispy tart, the layering is rich and obvious.

Heiwo Coffee is a very professional coffee shop, where you can not only drink good coffee, but also desserts and tea. The most special thing is Heiwo Coffee’s unique coffee consultation, through smelling the fragrance. , Blind test, guidance, interaction, to find your favorite coffee beans, it is also a very fun little game, it is very recommended for everyone to play!

Store: Heiwo Coffee

Address: No. 409, Anji Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City

Phone: 07-5508081

Business hours: Monday to Sunday, AM 8:00~PM 7:00

Official FB: Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena

Official IG: @hwc_kaohsiung

MRT Information: R14 Arena Station (about 7 minutes on foot)

Article source: https://i17fun.com/hwc/

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