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[Taichung Fengyuan] Champion of Bubble Milk Festival, Affodable with high-quality coffee, brown sugar black jade latte, hand brew coffee, specialty coffee, roasted beans champion "Hei Wo Coffee" (with menu) — Mochi Mud Happy Food Travel

Published date : 2020-10-16

I have passed by the well-known coffee shop "Heiwo Coffee" several times before, but I have never been in it. This time I finally found free time to go with my friends

Heiwo Coffee Fengyuan Store, located near the exit of Fengyuan Railway Station East Station, about 5 minutes' walk away

I really like the feeling of the Heiwo coffee. The colors of the tables and chairs are warm, and the decoration is simple but not too complicated. The point is that there is a large floor-to-ceiling window with super good lighting, which is also very suitable for a day of beauty

The total number of seats in the room is about 20~30. There is currently no time limit for meals. You can have afternoon tea with friends and chat together.

Sometimes I like to sit at the bar and I can talk to the Barista about more coffee related knowledge

The sofa seat is also good, you can have afternoon tea lazily

Heiwo Coffee Menu/Price

Heiwo coffee drinks have many options, including coffee series, tea series and condensed milk series to choose

Mochi Mud Man recommends you to taste the coffee. After all, Heiwo Coffee has undergone strict control and a certain level of professionalism from the selection of raw beans, roasting, and packaging.

When you look at the accuracy, temperature, a few ice cubes, and weighing with a scale when the Barista makes coffee by hand, you can know that they are very particular about the accuracy of coffee brewing.

I heard the Barista explain that the coffee powder will expand when the hot water is poured down for the first time, so that it is fresh coffee. We didn't know this before!

When you go to drink coffee in the future, you can easily tell the freshness of the coffee beans!

Dessert cabinet

There are savoury foods and sweets. I heard that the best sellers are lemon tart, light cheese cake, cheese chicken roll

Black series $150

The black series is medium-deep culture, it tastes a bit chocolate, slightly bitter and sweet, and finally nutty.

Wo Coffee $150

We order warm coffee. He is a light-pepped coffee with a slightly fruity aroma and a sweeter taste. Black coffee will show different levels of flavor under temperature changes. I like it very much!

Japanese light cheese $75

It tastes very refreshing, with a slight lemon scent, and the cheese has a very strong taste. The mochi mud is highly recommended by friends

French lemon tart $90

I have to say that the CP value of this lemon tower is too high!!! The first time I saw the lemon tower so big, and the price is very cheap

For those who like to eat sour, the acidity is very good, not too sweet, the more sour you eat, people want to take a few more home to continue tasting after eating

Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte $85

The brown sugar black jade latte, the champion of Taichung Milk Festival, is super recommended!

It was the first time I drank the super-fusion of coffee and brown sugar, neither of them grabbed each other’s taste, and both tasted both. I have to say that this pairing is very good, and the pearls are very Q bombs and not soft

▲Fine Latte $70

If you don’t want to drink American or black coffee, you can taste fine coffee latte, adding fresh milk to make the flavor of the coffee more different.

Boutique Flavored Latte $80

There are hazelnut, rose, vanilla, brown sugar for the fine flavor latte. This time I choose the vanilla flavor. The vanilla flavor is very strong. The top layer is not the milk cover, but the milk foam. It is smooth to drink together.

Heiwo Coffee has a coffee cup discount. The first time I see a coffee shop, I can also send a cup! It’s great too!

There are also a variety of coffee beans, coffee gift boxes and other goods on the shelf

On the whole, Heiwo Coffee is very good, whether it is dessert or coffee. If you want to have dinner with friends, have afternoon tea, or relax with coffee, you can refer to Heiwo Coffee!





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Heiwo Coffee official websiteHWC Coffee FB HWC Coffee IG HWC Coffee Line

Heiwo Coffee Time:09:00-20:00(Not necessarily closed)

Heiwo Coffee Phone:0425220619

Heiwo Coffee Address: No. 60, Xiangyang Road, Fengyuan District, Taichung City

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