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Heiwo Coffee || The first flagship store of affordable specialty coffee, Taichung Milk Festival champion drink is here! (Taichung Zhongyou Store) — Qiao Li's World Wandering Notes

Published date : 2020-12-30

The first flagship store of affordable specialty coffee is here! All the coffee beans are selected and roasted by HWC Coffee's own bean-seekers and roasters. They are in fact specialty coffees, but the prices are not expensive.
You can also drink the super-popular champion drink of the Taichung Milk Festival, subvert your imagination of the milk!


HWC Coffee・Store information


HWC Coffee

■ Store address: No. 161, Section 3, Sanmin Road, North District, Taichung City (5th Floor, Building C, Zhongyou Department Store)
■ Contact number: 04-2229-0599
■ Business hours: 11:00~22:00 on weekdays, 10:30~22:00 on holidays
■ Low consumption limit: no low consumption, socket, unlimited time
■ Payment method: cash, credit card
■ Parking information: Zhongyou Department Store
■ Official website FB fan page Instagram LINE@ shop information



HWC Coffee・Menu

HWC Coffee, which focuses on specialty coffee, selects a variety of coffee beans, including special blends and single-origin coffees. For those who do not drink coffee, there are also specialty teas and extra-rich milks to choose from. If you don’t know which one you want to drink, you can also ask for it. The clerk recommends that in addition to coffee and drinks, of course, cakes, desserts and savoury foods are also indispensable. The items are mainly on-site!

Affordable boutique coffee shop. Champion drink of Taichung Milk Festival

Last time I ran to take photos of the Christmas decorations in Zhongyou Department Store, halfway through the walk, I found that there was a new coffee shop in Zhongyou Department Store. It seemed quite textured, so I was curious. Check it out and take a closer look. It's HWC Coffee!

The reason why I'am surprised is that I remember HWC Coffee is a street shop! How could it appear in Zhongyou Department Store? Sure enough, after talking to the clerk, I realized that this is HWC Coffee’s first department store and the first department store flagship store.

HWC Coffee (Taichung Zhongyou Store) is located on the women's clothing floor on the 5th floor of Building C, Taichung Zhongyou Department Store. It has a quiet atmosphere and a more refined texture. There are many seats inside and outside, and each seat has a three-hole socket, which is super convenient!

Everyone knows that I don’t usually drink coffee, but I love to enjoy the atmosphere in a coffee shop. I don’t drink coffee because I am really afraid of hardship. (Incorrect)

During the chat with the clerk, she introduced a few beans to me. She recommended me to try the medium-to-light roasted coffee. All the coffee beans of HWC Coffee are selected by HWC Coffee’s own bean seekers and roasters. The roasted coffee is actually a fine coffee, but the price is noble and not expensive. The HWC Seclect Store next to the HWC Seclect Store displays five different flavors of Geisha coffee from the world's top estates. It uses the world's only environmentally-friendly material filter bag design and coffee beans from various producing areas. It is breathtaking, like a museum.

After a professional introduction by the clerk, I finally chose to try this Wild Africa series. The "Cheetah" from Ethiopia, East Africa, tastes sour and has a tea flavor. (ps. I bought the filter coffee pods from the Wild Africa series, and there are even masks corresponding to the totems. OMG is really wild!!! (laughs)

Originally, the process of making coffee by hand by the barista is so healing. The process from grinding beans to brewing on the spot is like watching a show! Hand-made coffee will have different levels and flavors due to the time and frequency of the barista's brewing. Watching the hot water gradually bubble up, it is really healing!

There are even smart hand-made coffee machines, which can be set in advance to simulate the amount of water, frequency, time, etc. of hand-punching. If you put one at home, every cup of coffee that is brewed will be the same quality coffee.

This "cheetah" tastes sour and not bitter, and it is very smooth to drink hot and with distinct layers. First it is sour, then with a touch of fruity aroma, and then there is a strong and refreshing tea rhyme. I personally feel that the taste will become more and more sour after it is cold. It is better to drink it hot.

Heiwo Coffee now has a joint event with Meiji Chocolate. As long as you buy coffee, you will get a piece of Meiji Chocolate, and you will get an extra piece when you check in! I think it matches!

In addition to specialty coffee, HWC Coffee actually has another big highlight, which is the champion drink of the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival "Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte"! At that time, the popular No. 1 Zhenmao was not milk tea but coffee, which attracted everyone's attention!

This cup of brown sugar black jade latte has rich layers from the dense milk froth on the upper layer, the selected coffee in the middle layer, the black jade pearls on the bottom layer, to the brown sugar waterfall on the edge of the cup. Both visual and taste are rich, the taste is rich and the aroma is full, and the pearls bite. It's a bit smaller than the average busty, it's chewy and won't be soft!

In addition to coffee and drinks, cakes, desserts, and savoury foods are of course indispensable! However, it seems that there are no fixed items. They are all based on the scene, and the prices are all based on a parity route.

On the whole, the atmosphere of HWC Coffee Taichung Zhongyou Store is not bad, and there are sockets available for unlimited time, and there will be a new option nearby in the future!


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