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Kaohsiung Coffee Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Dome-a coffee shop near Zuoying Phu Quoc Park, cheap and single product hand-made coffee shop, and private room service — gluttonous ghost bear

Published date : 2020-11-20

Good morning, coffee lovers in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung! Use a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up the soul that has been sleeping all night! It is 400 meters away from the Kaohsiung MRT R14 Arena Station and a 5-minute walk. This Kaohsiung coffee recommended Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena on Anji Street in Zuoying District provides ultra-exclusive and convenient services! As long as you buy coffee beans, you can store them in the store. You can also help us make coffee for free. Make an appointment before going to work. You can pick up the coffee directly at the store to take away or use it inside! Buy two get one free with coffee beans. It’s more cost-effective and cost-effective than supermarket coffee, or you can buy filter coffee to go home and take to work, let the coffee scent accompany you to spend a leisurely time, secretly, buy 10 packs There are discounts of 20 packs above. Those who want to buy a coffee gift box for personal use or as a gift can choose the coffee gift box that has won the top 100 souvenir awards in Taiwan, and even more powerful is the black blended by Taiwan’s champion roaster-Mr. Jiang Chengzhe. Wo filter hanging coffee gift box set, it is worth recommending to you who know coffee and coffee! Do you want to book an event? Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena also provides projection equipment on the second floor, which can seat up to 30 people. It is recommended to those who are still looking for Zuoying Coffee and Zuoying charter services.


HWC Coffee in Kaohsiung

Please set Google navigation: No. 409, Anji Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City

The environment of Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung

The second floor provides a private room service for up to 30 people, and consumes 4000 yuan for four hours (can be discounted for meals). I asked my sister at the counter that day, she said that as long as you make an appointment, you can discuss the number and date.

Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena is regularly provided by Shi Weisha to prevent vector mosquitoes. This is very important for bears who love cleanliness. It is rare to see coffee shops willing to provide this invisible service. As a consumer, I feel very blessed. .

Heiwo coffee items and prices

Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena Event
Buy 10 packs of Heiwo coffee filter hanging coffee 30% off, buy 20 packs get 40% off
Buy two get one free for Heiwo coffee beans (irregular)

Heiwo Coffee Taiwan's Top 100 Companion Gift Box

2019 Taiwan's Top 100 Souvenirs

Macaron series filter hanging coffee gift box (20 bags/300 yuan)

Blue Mountain flavor (medium-deep roast)

Arabica (medium-deep roast)

Mamba (medium-deep roast)

Gold Mandheling (Deep roast)

Mocha (deep roast)

The above five types of coffee can be mixed and matched

2020 Taiwan's Top 100 Souvenirs

Heiwo filter hanging coffee gift box set (special price 999 yuan / 20 packs)

Super push this gift box set for personal use. These two coffee beans are famous. They are prepared by Taiwan champion roaster and teacher Jiang Chengzhe, runner-up of WCE World Coffee Roasting Competition. There are two filter coffees inside.

The black-power drum (dark roast coffee) comes from Salvador-Guatemala coffee and the white-sacred song (light roast coffee) comes from Ethiopia-Kenya coffee.

Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena Exclusive Service
As long as we buy coffee beans, we can store them in the store. On average, a bag of beans can be brewed 10-11 times by hand. With buy two get one free, it is more cost-effective than the light and watery supermarket coffee. Not only that, you can also call to make an appointment first. , You can mix iced coffee or hot coffee, you can choose to drink it inside or take it away;

We really like to watch the coffee brewing process. We sit on the first floor and watch the professional barista carefully control the water temperature and make a cup of hand-made single-origin coffee with personality and soul regularly!

Panama Emerald Manor Geisha Red Label Manor Special Batch
1/2 pound 5000 yuan

Each cup of coffee has its own unique flavor, because the seasons have different soil and climate, which exudes a very personal taste. Of course, professionally trained coffee is very important. The process of sitting in front of the bar and watching her focus is a kind of enjoyment in itself;

This world-class geisha bean from Panama's Jade Manor, in a unique climate, with nose, taste buds and a dedicated heart, the taste of the moment, you can really taste the shallowness as the barista said. The fragrance of jasmine is accompanied by the rose, and the end rhyme has a soft lychee smell, and it is very sour and easy to enter the throat.

Ethiopia Guji Tasaya Purple Wind Chime Sunlight G1
1/2 pound 800 yuan

The price is not expensive. I recommend this coffee bean as the entry-level model of single-origin coffee. A pack of 800, buy two get one free is equivalent to a pack of only 533 yuan, an average expert brews 10 times, equals to a cup of only 53 yuan, with a good cup of coffee I started to be full of positive energy all day, 53 yuan is simply too good value, I have to say that Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Dome Store has a strong mentality;

This cup of hand-made purple wind bell iced coffee beans is as the name suggests. After the mouth is full of rich floral fragrance, but the heavy roasting retains the sweet taste of coffee and fruit, don't doubt that coffee beans belong to the fruit category! Xiongxiong once picked coffee berries by hand and ate raw coffee berries, which is quite amazing.

Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena Video
Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena Dining Introduction

Geisha Ice Brewed Coffee (120RMB/400ML)

The ice brewing method of using coffee powder and ice water, and then filtering for 24 hours can make the coffee aroma more obvious, and it is not an exaggeration to smell the full aroma of the wine!

This bean is also amazing, right? ? ? The aroma of the first sip is refreshing and refreshes the soul in the sleepy afternoon. The smooth taste presents the simplest and best original taste of coffee.

Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte (85 yuan)

Recommended for those who love to bite pearls. When sweet brown sugar meets fragrant coffee, you only need to drink the creative taste of coffee and milk at the price of copper plate

After watching the introduction of DM, I realized that this cup is very powerful. It won the double crown of Taichung Milk Festival! Drinking to the cup test 91 points, the rich and rich, solid black molasses fragrance, and brown sugar pearls, bite and bite, only need to drink once, it will make the bear remember (push)

Champion Special Latte (140 yuan)

This layer of golden coffee oil and smooth milk foam form a super beautiful picture. If you are a heavy Italian coffee fan, you will understand that coffee oil is one of the most important elements of aroma. Only fresh coffee beans and the barista can control it well. The process of making this cup of deep-baked latte has a more delicate texture. Although they are both called latte, the rich and mellow taste of this cup is very addictive to the bear.

Granny Lemon Pound Cake (60 yuan)

The surface layer is tempting sour lemon frosting. The body of the moist pound cake exudes natural lemon scent, sweet and sour. It tastes very refreshing. It is in the heart of dessert cake control. It is recommended to be eaten with champion special American coffee.

Earl Grey Tea Pound Cake (50 RMB)

Although the lemon pound cake was delicious, the taste of Earl Grey tea is very elegant!

The dense and solid taste has a strong bergamot aroma, and you can bite into the earl grey tea leaves between chewing. It is a perfect match with a bite of ice brewed coffee.

Coco Ole (80 yuan)

Are you a heavy chocolate control? ? This cup uses CoCo Delice chocolate powder imported from Italy. The micro-sweet cocoa ale tastes mellow and thick, with a mild bitter and sweet taste. The bear thinks it is an adult-like cocoa drink. The richness makes you love to eat high% chocolate. The fond memories of the bears that are unforgettable once they drink.

Champion special American style (100 yuan)

A cup of American coffee can tell whether the beans are good or not, and taste the simplest flavor;

This cup of light-roasted-wo series coffee, sip and close your eyes to feel it, it is smooth and not bitter, and the end is sour and refreshing.

Delivery from Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena

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Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena Details

Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena Information Facebook
Phone 07- 550 8081 Gift box online shopping

Address No. 409, Anji Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City

Opening Hour 08:00-19:00

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