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[Taichung Xitun District] HWC Heiwo Coffee Taichung Supreme|Specialty coffee that won the championship of roasted beans|High-quality coffee with copper plate price|Recommended brown sugar and black jade latte — 829 fun out of the box

Published date : 2020-12-13

Have you ever drink HWC coffee from ``Boarding the Presidential Plane'', ``Annual Bubble Tea Representative of Taichung Milk Festival'', and ``Blessed by Dajia Mazu''?

Heiwo Coffee was established in 2016 and was co-founded by cup testers, bean seekers and five roasters. Currently, there are more than 40 chain franchise stores across Taiwan, not only offline coffee takeaway shops and boutiques, but also online stores. Selling filter coffee and fine coffee beans! It is a fast-growing coffee, with branches in Taichung Station and Zhongyou

In November, Heiwo Coffee planted its flag in Fengjia, very close to where I work. You can have a cup at tea time in the future, and now there is a discount for sending a cup.

HWC Heiwo Coffee Taichung Zhishan store is small and adorable, it can accommodate about 10 people

Coffee sells filter coffee gift box, beans, equipment

Exquisite packaging and gifts for personal use are great and face-saving

This set of gift boxes is so wild

HWC Coffee has a bar counter where you can watch the clerk making coffee up close

The clerk took out a whole jar of beans, ready to start grinding

The ground coffee is full of aroma and it is very comfortable to smell

This time tasting the medium roast
The faint fruity aroma is slightly sour and it tastes refreshing

Black-power drum
The coffee has a darker color and a mellow taste with a bitter and sweet taste.

Then I came to have a cup of latte and watched the clerk making three big loves and I couldn’t clap my hands. I tried to make latte by myself before but failed. This requires hard work and practice

So beautiful I can't bear to drink it

Those who like the taste must come to the cup to award countless black sugar and black jade latte
Turn the cup while squeezing the black syrup

Add milk and pearls in order

Finally, add full milk froth and it's done

The brown sugar black jade latte is very beautiful gradually. The rich coffee has the aroma of black sugar. With the QQ pearls, the overall taste is very rich and delicious.

When you have the opportunity to come near Fengjia, you can taste coffee inside when you have free time, or take a walk to Zhishan Road Park and enjoy the aroma of coffee for a relaxing afternoon.

HWC Coffee-Taichung Zhishan Store
Phone: (04)24526139
Opening hours: 10:00– 18:00
No. 311, Section 2, Qinghai Road, Xitun District, Taichung City

Heiwo Coffee official website

Heiwo Coffee FB

Heiwo Coffee IG

Heiwo Coffee Line

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