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Changhua Coffee Recommendation|HWC Heiwo Coffee Changhua Changji. Champion Coffee Brand | Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte | Lychee Coffee | Mango Coffee — Lion Fun ❤

Published date : 2020-06-18

I believe everyone knows the brand of Heiwo Coffee, which was founded in 2016 and has reached more than 40 stores in a short period of time.
In addition to the most famous Heiwo Champion series coffee, there are also general Italian coffee, manor-grade hand brewed coffee, tea, and milk.
Of course, filter coffee and coffee beans are indispensable for purchase. Heiwo's official website can also be purchased directly, which is quite convenient.
Heiwo Coffee Changhua Changji Store is the largest store we have been to so far. It is very suitable for gathering and chatting with friends. The space is spacious.
Recommend everyone Champion Heiwo CoffeeIce LatteBrown Sugar Black Jade LatteLitchi CoffeeMango Coffee


  ▍Changhua Coffee recommendation - Heiwo Coffee Changhua Changji Store  

The main reason for the rapid growth and popularity of HWC Heiwo Coffee is that the quality of their coffee is really above the standard.
With its own roasted bean factory, the quality of coffee beans can be strictly controlled
Next, the baristas in the store will provide professional training plans and obtain relevant certificates.
No matter where it is! ? The HWC Heiwo coffee you drink is of stable quality, and they will all go to the competition
In the past few years, there have been awards one after another, please refer to the official website below:)

[Dajia Mazu Co-branded Filter Coffee Gift Box] Won the First Prize & Best Popularity Award of Taichung Top Ten Souvenirs
[Poker Coffee Kingdom Filter Coffee Gift Box] Won the Dutch INDIGO Packaging Design & Product Design Gold Award
[Macaron Series Filter Coffee Gift Box] Won the Taichung Top Ten Souvenir Best Popularity Award & Golden Word of Mouth Award & High Quality Halal Award
[Poker Coffee Kingdom Filter Coffee Gift Box] Won the German International Design Award iF Design Award
[Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte] Taichung Milk Festival Annual Champion & Best Popularity Award
[Playing Card Coffee Kingdom Filter Gift Box] Food Power FIA Food Innovation Award/Packaging and Technology Innovation Category/Winning
[Black Xuanfeng Ice Cream Gift Box] Won the first prize of Taichung Top Ten Souvenirs & Best Popularity Award & Internet Popularity Award


Heiwo Coffee-Changhua Changji Store
Business hours: weekdays 07:30-19:00, holidays 09:00-19:00
Phone: 04-7115008
Address: No. 219, Zhongxing Road, Changhua City (display map)
HWC Heiwo Coffee official website
HWC Heiwo Coffee Fan Page



  ▍Changhua Coffee Recommendation - Heiwo Coffee Changhua Changji Store Environment 

This is really the HWC Heiwo with the widest space we have seen so far.
In addition to the inside, there are also two sides to sit on the outside; there is another area when you go in, it’s really convenient to find a place to drink coffee
It’s very close to the Changhua Christian Hospital. It’s suitable for those who want to buy a cup of coffee.
This time I chose a few series and new products that I usually drink to share with you:)



  ▍Changhua Coffee Recommendation - Heiwo Coffee Menu  

Heiwo champion coffee, Italian specials, salt flower series, Ole series, manor-level hand brew, brown sugar pearl latte, tea, etc.
The price is around one hundred yuan, we think it's ok! ! After all, HWC Heiwo Coffee really has a certain level
In addition to drinks, there are also light foods to choose from~ It is very suitable for afternoon tea or breakfast



  ▍Changhua Coffee Recommendation - Heiwo Coffee Drink  

Heiwo series champion American (ice)
This cup is brewed with beans from the Champion Wo series, mainly light roasted, with a very obvious aroma! !
Of course, it is not bitter, it is more fruity and floral, quite layered
Everyone will taste different tastes, some people will taste the taste of Darjeeling black tea and citrus lemon.
For friends who don’t like bitter coffee, Champion Wo series is the best choice



Heiwo series champion latte (hot)
The champion series are divided into black and wo, the black series is mainly deep roast, and the taste will be heavier~
It is more like the aroma of dark chocolate and cocoa, and the flavor will be more prominent after the milk, but it will not take away the aroma of the coffee itself.
The end rhyme has a nutty scent. We all drink light roast mostly. If we drink dark roast, we will choose latte.



Ice latte
It is formulated in an Italian special way, using medium-deep roasted coffee beans, the lower layer is a fresh milk base, and the middle is an Italian concentrate
The upper layer is frothed with fresh milk, so there will be a beautiful gradient color
It tastes dense and delicate, and is different from the scent of the champion series~~ And the iced latte can really quickly kill XDD after being evenly mixed.


  ▍Changhua Coffee Recommendation - Heiwo New Products  

The newly launched mango coffee and lychee coffee in summer are very suitable for cooling off now~~Chill and creative



Mango coffee
Maybe it is generally acceptable to everyone, mainly any beverage can be added to mango XDD
The same is the use of natural mango juice (won the food grade Michelin 3 stars) as the base, plus Heiwo coffee
This cup will taste a little sweeter than lychees, and the taste of mango is stronger, but the taste of coffee can be ignored.
But the two cups are incomparable. It depends on whether you like mango or lychee, but both are suitable for summer.



Lychee coffee
Use natural lychee juice (won food grade 3 Michelin stars), plus Heiwo coffee
After stirring, it really tastes subtle to drink~~ It is recommended to stir, otherwise the lower coffee itself is bitter
After stirring, the end rhyme will emit the scent of lychee, with a sweet and sour taste



Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte
The very popular black sugar black jade latte in the store, but won the annual representative award and the most popular award double crown at the Taichung Milk Festival
Based on coffee latte, with black syrup and brown sugar pearls, it has a more beautiful gradation color ~~ the brown sugar taste is very strong
The beans themselves are made of No. 9 medium-deep roasted coffee beans, which can bring out the taste of brown sugar:)
The pearl Q bomb itself, it is recommended to eat it as soon as possible~~Don't leave it for too long! !


  ▍Changhua Coffee Recommendation - Heiwo Coffee Commodities , Filter Coffee Gift Box, Coffee Bean 

There are also filter coffee or coffee beans available for purchase on site
For example, filter coffee is sold in single packaging, you can try your favorite flavor, or change to different flavors every day~


Heiwo Coffee is recommended for general single-origin coffees or other special coffees! ! I will try a different one every time I come
I usually soak at home, so if you are lazy, just buy it directly:)
For those who like to eat pearls, we recommend the black sugar black jade latte; the new lychee coffee and mango coffee are also very cool XDD


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