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Kaohsiung [Heiwo Coffee Arena] Find your own flavor through coffee fortune-telling + exquisite dessert afternoon tea — Noda Baa

Published date : 2020-10-17

Heiwo Coffee Kaohsiung Arena

Address: No. 409, Anji Street, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City
(Next to Tsukuma Hot Pot)

Phone: 07-5508081

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, AM 8:00~PM 7:00

Heiwo Coffee Fanpage

Heiwo Coffee Arena is located on Anji Street in the Business Arena District. Take the MRT to Exit 2 of the Arena Station and walk for about 5 minutes.

The menu includes hand brewed series, coffee series, black wine champion special, fresh tea series, milk tea series, milk cap series and a variety of exquisite desserts and light dishes.

If you buy the coffee beans of Heiwo Coffee, you can ask the clerk to help to grind the beans for free, and you can even store the beans. You can have coffee in the store and talk about right and wrong!

Heiwo Coffee is one-stop quality control from raw material import, roasted beans, cup testing, retail sales, etc., presenting "authentic" specialty coffee.

Heiwo is named after the most nourishing and fertile black soil of coffee trees. It breeds coffee trees of the best quality. It also hopes to become this fertile black soil and nourish everyone in the world who needs to grow and need help.

This is the original intention of Heiwo Coffee, to broaden the horizon with the world, and the dream is not far away at all.



HWC-ROASTERS Heiwo Coffee was founded in 2016 by a group of roasters and cup testers who are very passionate about coffee. Heiwo Coffee also adheres to the brand concept to create a profession that is truly exclusive to everyone. The kingdom of specialty coffee.

There are very comfortable double seats and counter seats on the first floor. The counter seats are usually rock and roll areas. You can appreciate the barista's coffee making skills up close. It is more convenient to talk to the barista~ 

View from the bar area

                         Dessert Cabinet                         

The desserts on the dessert counter will change with the supplier, but there are certain types of desserts that will definitely appear, and they are also super popular desserts~

Wait a minute to introduce~

                       Coffee Purchase                      

When you come here, you usually can't help but buy several bags to go home, especially when there are special offers, old customers even send beans directly, and they can just go to the store if they want to drink coffee.

Dining space on the second floor

The dining space on the second floor is very large. It is very suitable to invite sisters to Heiwo Coffee for afternoon tea desserts. The space here is comfortable and there is no restriction on the dining time. It is better to drink coffee and talk about the right and wrong~

Self-service area

                HWC Menu                

Heiwo Coffee’s desserts are really foul. Although they are ordered from a specific dessert studio, this marbled plate makes the desserts look more refined. The whole dream is doubled. Although the main coffee shop, as a lady The dessert afternoon tea shop is not too much.

Breta NT$70

Tapi crispy with dense buds, full of thick egg fragrance, tastes sweet but not greasy.

Placed on a marble plate, the simple Bretta instantly smelled of a lady's afternoon tea.

Matcha roll NT$105

The main low-sugar raw copper cake, so that diabetics can easily taste desserts! People who want to lose weight can also eat desserts.

The matcha raw milk rolls are made of Uji matcha powder, so the aroma of matcha is very strong. With the soft cake body filled with custard, it tastes sweet and unburdened.

Basque cheese NT$60

The strong aroma of heavy cheese, combined with the dense cake body, tastes quite sweet and not greasy, and the taste is more elastic.

Use organic eggs, fresh cream and corn flour to create a sweet and creamy heavy cheesecake.

Tiramisu NT$120

Tiramisu has a slight aroma of coffee, and the mascarpone cheese mousse melts in the mouth and the creamy taste and fragrant taste are very ecstasy. With the top chocolate chips, the overall combination is super dreamy, a very exquisite dessert .

The appearance is exactly the super popular mirror cake before, the smooth mirror body, you can feel the index finger move when you look at it.

Champion special American style (black) NT$100

The Champion Special American style uses black deep-roasted beans, which tastes like dark chocolate and nuts. A cup of American coffee in the morning is very refreshing. In addition, Heiwo coffee uses good beans. Basically, there is no need to worry about some coffee drinks. The problem occurred.


Special Latte Champion (Wo) NT$140

The special latte champion is made of light-roasted coffee beans of the Wo series, with a bit of sourness of flowers and fruits, and the overall refreshing. It is quite different from the latte in the impression. The thick milky aroma has a slight acidity, full of unexpected surprises.

Brown sugar and black jade latte NT$85

Best Popularity & Annual Champion of 2019 Taichung Zhen Milk Festival!

The thick coffee latte combined with the brown sugar pearls of the Q bomb, tastes super taste, and the goblet is added, so that the powerful brown sugar black jade latte really has an extra large cup of fu.


Coco Oré NT$80

Coco Ore’s chocolate is imported from Italy. It tastes less sweet and has a mellow taste. Even if the ice cubes melt, the aroma of the chocolate is still quite enough.

This cup tastes very rich and it is recommended for those who like cocoa. What's great is that even if the ice cubes melt, the taste is still mellow~

                   Coffee Consultation                
300 yuan for consultation

The consultation time is about 30 minutes

Two types of coffee diagnosis + one coffee prescription

Need to make an appointment in advance

Heiwo Coffee’s coffee consultation is to taste your favorite coffee flavor through a blind test. The barista will prepare two cups of coffee to let you feel the difference between dark roast and light roast, and slowly feel your favorite flavor and breath. Therefore, it was unexpectedly discovered that coffee has a different taste in hot and cold drinks. I have to say that drinking coffee is also a course to train taste buds.

The barista will first make two cups of coffee to make you feel

You can smell the aroma of coffee first, and then score the flavor, acidity, sweetness, body and end rhyme by tasting, and find the coffee that belongs to you by the score.

Fatty's destined coffee is this vanilla celebration. It belongs to the medium-roasted coffee series. It has both acidity and the aroma of hazelnut, but it also has a vague smell of toast? !

Fatty Coffee Diagnosis


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