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Heiwo Coffee Hsinchu Giant City Store. High-quality and affordable hand-brewed coffee, champion brown sugar and black jade latte — Brian: See the world through the viewing window. Infinite beauty

Published date : 2020-10-27

HWC Coffee was founded in 2016 by a cup tester who is passionate about coffee, a bean seeker and five roasters. They started to make their fortunes in Taichung, and slowly they spread all over Taiwan. This giant city store near the Hsinchu Giant City is currently the second store in Hsinchu City. It is located on Minsheng Road in Hsinchu, not far from the giant city. In addition to providing you with affordable single-origin coffee, at the same time, there is also the brown sugar black jade latte that won the double crown of the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival. Many coffee souvenir gift boxes, coffee beans, etc. that have won domestic souvenir awards are great to buy and drink or give as gifts.

HWC Hsinchu Big City Store
Address: 1st Floor, No. 165, Minsheng Road, East District, Hsinchu City
Phone: 03-5345565
Opening hours: 7:30-19:30
Heiwo Coffee Official Websitehttps://www.hwcroasters.com/

Heiwo Coffee (Hsinchu Big City Store) Transportation Location

The store is located on Minsheng Road in Hsinchu. When coming from the direction of Beida Road, you will first pass the Yanbo Hotel (Metropolis), and then the HWC Heiwo Coffee Big City Store on the right. If you are going to the giant city, you should see all the holiday cars passing by here.

The roadside here can usually be suspended for a while, but when there are a lot of traffic into the giant city on holidays, it is relatively impossible to stop temporarily. There is a private toll parking lot in the opposite alley.

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Heiwo Coffee Hsinchu Big City Store Environment

The name is Heiwo Coffee. Originally, it was supposed to take the black linen route, right? However, when they arrived in the store, they basically followed the clean white line, with a white base and a black logo. White space.

In fact, the meaning of their Heiwo name is derived from the most nourishing and fertile black soil in order to cultivate the best quality coffee trees. So it has nothing to do with black~ :P

*HWC Coffee

The space in the store is not strictly speaking. The coffee bar has four high chair seats, and there are four tables inside. There are not many places. So if you want to have a cup of coffee inside, it depends on luck. Otherwise, you can easily take a cup to visit the giant city, so you don’t have to worry about the lack of location~


The brightness is very low, and it feels really comfortable to enter the store space. Although their locations are not as many as the coffee shops of another chain system, they provide rich and delicious coffee for different customer groups, which can satisfy different requirements. Consumer demand.

At present, there is a delivery service for purchasing multiple cups in the store. Buy 10 and get 2 free for American coffee, and a cup is only NTD$50 on average! The price is really pretty reasonable.

*You can have a discount on Pre-Buying

There are quite a few coffee beans or coffee gift boxes on the shelf. The coffee beans here are selected, roasted, and packaged by the headquarters in Taichung, so no matter which branch you can have coffee of the same quality beans. For the quality of coffee beans, they start from the place of origin. They have their own Heiwo manor in Panama. They also carefully select coffee beans from all over the world, and then the Heiwo factory processes the raw coffee beans in a sterile and dust-free environment. With such levels of coffee beans, we only hope that the best and not too expensive coffee can be presented to consumers in order to have such a plain and delicious coffee.

*Coffee beans or coffee gift box

Their gift boxes have successively won a lot of souvenir awards. The black and white packaging presents a considerable texture! The 20-piece ear-hook coffee bag starts at NTD$300, and the gift has a texture and the price is very real.

Heiwo Coffee Hsinchu Big City Store Menu

Their menu is actually very simple, one page of coffee and tea series; the other page is hand brewed single-origin coffee. These beans selected by their professional baristas allow everyone to drink delicious coffees with different dark roasts and light roasts. So if you don’t insist on single-origin coffee, it is highly recommended to choose their "black" and "black" Wo" series.


Savor a cup of good coffee

After you have selected the coffee, you can see the barista carefully processing it at the bar, and the brewing pot, scale, etc. accurately control the quality of a cup of coffee.
*Pour Over Coffee

Or choose to have a cup of American or latte, the coffee beans they select are not bad.

*Italian coffee

Let’s take a look at the first version of Wo Shengqu. The Wo series belong to the medium and shallow culture, and there will be more and more obvious fruit sourness. This is the coffee selected by their barista. In addition to coffee, I also helped prepare a cup of boiling water so that everyone can
Wash away other flavors in the mouth, and you can taste the basic coffee aroma more completely.

*Wo-Sacred Song(NTD$120)

The color looks a bit dark, and you can feel the obvious fruit sourness when you smell it. Take a sip. The fruity taste of lime and citrus when you taste it, although the sourness of the fruit is very clear, it will not make people feel too sour. On the contrary, after the entrance, there is gradually a sweet feeling of tea. This kind of coffee tastes smoothly and does not make people feel too sour at all!

The Wo series just now belong to the light roast, and the black series belong to the deep roast! Two different series, want to show different coffee flavors, so that you who like coffee can have more different levels of experience.

*Black-power drum(NTD$120)

The black coffee, compared to the sourness of the fruit just now, really smells thicker, and the strong and heavy coffee tastes quite obvious. I was afraid that the deep-roasted coffee would taste bitter, but this coffee won’t! It doesn’t make people feel bitter in the mouth, it has a taste of raw chocolate, and it will gradually return to sweetness, which expresses the taste of life. Ah~~Life is very bitter, and there is still a lot of memory~XD
In addition to hand-made items, the latte that everyone drinks more often is also good. In the case of latte, the price of 70 yuan is only about 10-20 yuan more expensive than convenience stores, but the taste of coffee is greatly improved!

*The best Latte(NTD$70)

The coffee smell brought by the selected coffee beans, although milk is added, the original flavor of the coffee can still be clearly presented. After adding the milk to neutralize, you can still feel a great fruit acid taste. It's not a good latte that is too plain and tasteless, or bitter or astringent.

Taichung Zhen Milk Festival Annual Champion: Brown Sugar and Black Jade Latte

In addition to coffee, they even have a champion item: brown sugar and black jade latte. Coffee shop selling rare milk until winning the 2019 Taichung Milk Festival championship, I think it should be to let you know that apart from coffee, their precious milk is not ambiguous at all.

*Brown Sugar Black Jade Latte(NTD$85)

Compared with the cherished milk in general beverage shops, most beverage shops consist of brown sugar pearls and fresh milk, but they add coffee! But in case you don’t drink coffee, don’t worry about the coffee taste too strong because of this, because it tastes really good. It will make you not feel the coffee smell inside.

Brown sugar syrup, brown sugar pearls, fresh milk and coffee. The very deep black color at first makes people think whether this cup of black jade latte tastes too strong~ but in fact, you have to shake it before drinking it, and you will find The hue of the whole cup slowly changed.

After a sip, the pearls have a slightly harder taste, but they are very elastic to bite, and they have the sweetness of brown sugar, which makes people want to keep biting. The coffee and milk do not feel too sweet, but the sweetness that comes out when you bite the brown sugar pearls can make people feel that this cup of brown sugar black jade latte is quite smooth and delicious, and slowly there is a bit of tea. Sweet taste, it really doesn’t make people think that they are drinking coffee! (But in case people who can’t fall asleep drinking coffee, don’t drink too many cups~ :P)

Good and inexpensive coffee and tea, highly recommended​​​​​​​

Regardless of the coffee or tea you drink here, the performance of these models is satisfactory. Although there are not many spaces in the store and no sockets, there is no time limit if you use them in the store, but the space is not too big. So it feels not suitable for sedentary. But if you come here to take out a cup of coffee easily, the price is a little higher compared to the convenience store coffee, but it will give you a completely different coffee experience.

If you want to take a cup of coffee near the giant city, although there are many chain and personal coffee shops nearby, of course, each has different quality, price, and customer orientation. You can try Heiwo Coffee!

Heiwo Coffee (Hsinchu Big City)
Address: 1st Floor, No. 165, Minsheng Road, East District, Hsinchu City
Phone: 03-5345565
Business hours: 7:30-19:30

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